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3 Ways to Easily Gain Customers for Your Leasing Services

  • 21 Nov 2022
  • 4 minutes of reading

Before you even get the opportunity to offer clients your services, you must first gain their attention. To help you in this difficult task, we have prepared an article, where we will show you three ways to maximize your brand awareness.

A Modern Age Demands a Modern Approach

In the past, customers looked for service providers on their own. In the age of the Internet, however, they are able to browse through thousands of businesses from all over the world with just a few clicks. For companies, this means major issues in differentiating themselves from their competitors, as they now have to compete for the customer's attention with providers from all across the globe. 

But gaining the customer's attention is only half the battle. You need to follow up by getting your customer to trust in your solutions. To help you gain new customers, we thus bring you these three key tips on how to present your business as an interesting and reliable partner for your clients.

Tip 1 – Be Transparent in Your Offerings

Think like your customers is an oft-repeated adage but a true one nonetheless. The ability to empathize with the needs of the client is immensely important and should influence a number of your activities, including the design of your website and your promotional materials. These are often the first point of contact with a customer. They should thus introduce your range of leasing services as quickly and concisely as possible. Specifically, we recommend the following:

  1. Do not overwhelm the client with unimportant information. Acquaint them with the basic aspects and conditions of your services early on. Also, be transparent about fees.

  2. Those looking for a lease are most frequently interested in the installment amounts and the loan term which is why your website should include an easily accessible loan calculator.

  3. Let the client know you are ready to answer any questions and help them with taking out a loan in any way you can. Here, in particular, you should take the time to collect questions your dealers get asked the most and compile them into an FAQ on your website.

Tip 2 – Be as Approachable as Possible

This sounds like a matter of course but being approachable doesn't just mean putting on a friendly tone when dealing with a client. If the customer has to look up important information in an obscure system, can't quickly get in contact with your dealers, and gets answers to their questions only after several days, your reputation will suffer irreversible damage in their eyes. What to do to avoid that?

  1. Set a fixed deadline for handling customer questions and adjust your internal processes so that you can guarantee this deadline is kept. Also, assign a sufficient number of capable people to handle customer questions so that clients always know who to turn to.

  2. Regularly analyse questions, feedback, and comments you receive. Look into not just frequently asked questions and common issues, but also the speed and quality of your response. Then, make sure the results of such analyses are reflected in practice and try to monitor the impact of the changes you made.

  3. Give customers as many ways to contact you as you can. A phone number and an e-mail address are a given these days, but many people prefer an online form or even a live chat with a professional on social networks. Instead of trying to identify the single best communication channel, create as many as possible and let your clients choose.

Tip 3 – Look for Ways to Differentiate Yourself

As mentioned in the introduction, in the modern world of leasing services, you have to compete for the customer's attention with hundreds of other providers. How then are you supposed to stand out if the services you provide are offered by countless other companies? In this, you'll need to employ your imagination and have a certain level of courage:

  1. Think about your corporate identity and work with your marketing department to find a way to visually differentiate your website and other materials, from the graphic design of your website to a catchy company motto and striking logo.

  2. Experiment with the tonality of your marketing materials based on the target group. Smaller customers will appreciate a friendly, less formal tone that evokes the idea of a good friend or a fatherly advisor. When approaching large corporations, highlight your professionalism and experience from past projects.

  3. Let your customers know your company is a living, breathing entity. Create a company blog with articles about your services and employees, collect case studies and references, let customers peek into your corporate life and culture through interviews with employees…let your imagination run wild. But, always lean on customer feedback and evaluate the visibility of your brand. 

Want to see how we do it?

We try to apply as much of the above as possible with potential customers and users of our Solitea OneCore Apps and OneCore leasing solutions. You can see how we're doing both on our website and on any of our social network profiles. You can also visit our blog, where you can read up on many interesting titbits about our work, our most interesting implementations, and the benefits of our solutions. 

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