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7 ways OneCore Loans App can help your business grow

  • 10 Jul 2023
  • 4 minutes of reading

A world-class lending solution for small and medium sized businesses. That's exactly how you could describe OneCore Loans App software, which streamlines and automates all your lending processes, saving you a lot of time, effort and money. To give you a better idea, here's an overview of seven ways OneCore Loans App can help your business.

What is a Loan Management System (LMS)?

This term, which the OneCore Loans App solution falls under, refers to a digital platform designed to digitise, manage and automate all processes related to loan agreements. This area includes a number of time-consuming and organisationally demanding tasks that require the processing of large volumes of data, which in the past had to be carried out manually by loan company staff. With an LMS, however, you can leave these processes to the software and convert them entirely to electronic form. This not only eliminates the manual work, but also the reliance on paper forms and the availability of data in a single location. 

How will OneCore Loans App help me specifically?

1) Unifying all tools into one solution

Forget about transferring data between several separate applications. OneCore Loans App covers all stages of the loan process, from origination, calculation, monitoring and repayment to loan closure and reporting. All the information you need about customers, contracts and payments is available from a single interface. This frees up your staff's time for higher priority tasks. 

2) Access data from anywhere

Like other OneCore applications, OneCore Loans App is optimised for mobile devices and takes full advantage of cloud platforms. As a result, your employees can access their OneCore Loans App data from anywhere in the world, allowing them to work efficiently from home, on the road or abroad. All they need is a suitable mobile device and an internet connection. 

3) Automation of routine tasks

The credit agenda includes a number of repetitive processes that are time-consuming and labour-intensive to handle manually. So why not let software do the work? OneCore Loans App allows you to automate up to 70% of your loan processes, including approving loan applications, generating invoices, making bulk changes to contracts and setting up calculation parameters. Thanks to automation, you also no longer have to worry about human error (customer re-registration, accidental changes to the contract, capital increases above the permitted limit, etc.)

OneCore Loans App helped Propell Finance save 70% of time needed for changes on portfolio of contracts by applying bulk operations and accelerate by 60% their loan management operations. Their data processing error rate was reduced by 99%.

4) Covers all types of loans

With OneCore Loans App, you can offer your customers a full range of loans and lending services to support your flexibility. The system offers multiple calculation methods, the ability to use daily interest rates and the ability to set up irregular repayments. For all types of loans, the solution allows you to set up your own workflow, pre-set basic contract parameters and set your own business objectives for each stage. 

5) Ensure regulatory and accounting compliance

Regular updates to OneCore Loans App ensure that the system is always fully compliant with current accounting standards and all lending legislation. Through our extensive network of local partners and close working relationship with Microsoft, we can also guarantee compliance with local legislation and loan funding requirements. With OneCore Loans App, you don't even have to worry about overseas customers.

6) Improve customer retention

The above benefits of OneCore Loans App allow you to significantly speed up and improve your customer service. With in-app options, you can set them up with multiple versions of a repayment plan, simulate irregular repayment options according to their requirements, and send notifications and documents by email, including digital signature options.

7) Reduce costs and support business growth

By automating processes, processing customer requests more efficiently and digitising the entire credit agenda, your company will significantly reduce operating costs. With OneCore Loans App, you can close and manage more contracts with fewer staff, freeing up capacity to develop your services. And with OneCore Loans App' advanced reporting, you'll have a solid basis for making important decisions about the future direction of your business, supporting its continued growth.

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The bottom line is that OneCore Loans App loan management software will bring your business into the 21st century and allow you to unlock its potential like never before. If you too want to save time and effort while improving your service, contact us using the form below. Our experts will discuss your needs and find the ideal solution.


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