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Application Lifecycle Management Using Azure DevOps

18 Feb 2020

Since the start of the new year, our company uses Azure DevOps. Thanks to the comprehensive solutions available in Microsoft Azure, our teams can implement DevOps processes in all stages of the application lifecycle: planning, development, delivery, and operation. These DevOps technologies in combination with trained personnel and proper processes allow our company to deliver software to our customers faster and more reliably.

Transitioning to DevOps provides teams with the ability to better respond to the needs of customers and build confidence and trust in the applications the teams create and helps to achieve business goals much faster. DevOps allows previously isolated roles (development, IT operation, quality control, and security) to cooperate and coordinate with the aim of providing better and more reliable products.

The name DevOps is a combination of the word’s development and operations and represents the concept of bringing together people, processes, and technologies with the aim of continuously providing high-quality products and services to customers.


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