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Become our partner and get a range of benefits

  • 12 Oct 2022
  • 3 minutes of reading

Our partners enable us to get Seyfor OneCore products to customers around the world. That's why we value our partners and offer them a range of exclusive benefits. Discover the benefits of partnering with you and expanding our global network to include your business.

Worldwide availability thanks to partners

At OneCore, we not only care about the quality and reliability of our products but also, above all, about their global availability. We achieve this primarily through our worldwide network of partners is the link between our solutions and the end user. For this reason, we are always happy to welcome new prospective partners who can help us bring OneCore products to clients around the world. If you're interested in selling our financial solutions and would also like to open the door to new clients and opportunities, join our partner network too. 

6 reasons to become a Seyfor OneCore partner

1) Proven and reliable solutions: You will be able to offer your clients powerful and reliable financial platforms using Microsoft 365 Business Central.  

2) Favorable business terms: As our partner, you will receive a margin of up to 50% and the opportunity to earn 100% of the revenue from your Business Central implementation.  

3) Pro-client approach: As part of our commitment to maintaining and deepening our partnerships, we will offer you a wide range of training and consulting for end customers.

4) Marketing support: You'll increase your business's visibility by listing it on the Seyfor OneCore website while gaining access to our sales and marketing materials.   We also include partner businesses in our paid PPC campaigns.

5) Influence on the development of our solutions: We see partnerships as a two-way relationship, so your feedback can influence the future direction of our products and their functionalities.

6) Information as a basis: We will send you regular newsletters and communicate with you via the partner zone for the duration of the partnership. 

Join our satisfied partners

Dynamics Aspect (Australia and New Zealand)

The Seyfor team helped us accelerate the adoption of these apps through their responsiveness and investment in us as their partner, and ultimately the success of our clients." Michael Schirshove, Principal Consultant at Dynamics Aspect.   

Creative Business Systems (UK)

 Eva and Adam are very helpful and available to introduce OneCore Apps to our end customers at any time." Akhtar Ahamed, Head of Sales & Marketing. 

Datasmith (South Africa)

 Support is excellent and prompt, and new features and upgrades meet our expectations. As we roll out OneCore Apps to new clients, our partnership is greatly appreciated." Misheck Ziko, Senior Technical Consultant at Datasmith. 

I want to become a Seyfor OneCore partner. What next?

If the previous lines have convinced you and you wish to expand the ranks of our partners, there are only three simple steps to take:

1. Contact us: Use the contact form or send us an email to
2. Let's meet: We will arrange a meeting to discuss our products, the benefits of the partnership, and possible next steps. 
3. Let's talk: if your interest remains, we will agree on the terms of the partnership and sign a contract. 

After that, nothing is left to do but welcome you on board and wish you good luck for future business.

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