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Slovenská sporitelna Has Sped Up and Improved Its Services to Clients Thanks to OneCore Slovenská sporitelna Has Sped Up and Improved Its Services to Clients Thanks to OneCore

Slovenská sporitelna Has Sped Up and Improved Its Services to Clients Thanks to OneCore

by 1/2

faster contract conclusion process

30 %

time saving for entry of new client into the system


concluded contracts

"The position of Slovenská sporiteľňa's leasing on the Slovak market is unique. Slovenská sporiteľňa is the only bank in Slovakia to offer leasing as a banking product without the involvement of an independent leasing company. The previous information system was outdated, without technical support, room for further development or the option to integrate it into banking systems. Now we have a new information system that is much easier and more intuitive to use. The system gave us a better overview of trades and processes, while meeting the requirements for reporting, which is very demanding in the banking sector."

Slovenská sporiteľňa provided finance and operating leasing services since 2003 via the MARK system, which prohibited any further development due to the technology used. The need to automate manual processes, reduce error rate, speed up services provided to customers and improve their quality led Slovenská sporiteľňa to the decision to replace the existing system with a sustainable and modern solution with functionalities that digitally transform the bank's operating and finance leasing tasks while also meeting the high security requirements of the banking sector.

Course of implementation

The project started in June 2018 and took a total of 9 months to complete. The team of consultants and developers worked under the baton of a project manager directly in Slovenská sporiteľňa.

The project was organised using a waterfall approach (Microsoft Sure Step) with direct involvement of key users of SLSP in the realisation of analysis and design of the solution. Nearly 2 000 contracts were migrated. Due to the client's acquisition activities, the project was changed on the go to include the migration of an additional 1500 contracts. The resulting rearranging of priorities and completion of the project by the agreed deadline was no small challenge, but one that was successfully overcome in cooperation with the client.

The OneCore solution

OneCore expands the standard functionalities of ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously Microsoft Dynamics NAV) with everything a leasing and credit company requires. In this project we implemented the following modules:

  1. CRM / address book
  2. Calculation, contract
  3. Service
  4. Insurance
  5. Finance
  6. Penalisation
  7. Debt collection
  8. Ordinary termination of contract

About Slovenská sporiteľňa

Slovenská sporiteľňa is currently the largest commercial bank in Slovakia with a full foreign exchange license and permission to perform mortgage bank trades. It has the largest deposit market share, the largest network of branches and a dominant position in the area of issuing payment cards. It provides its clients a wide range of products and services, with finance leasing having a prominent position among them.

Automatic recalculation of warranties and
asset values on a daily basis.

Fully integrated leasing system for 6 applications with automatic data transfer

Automatic downloading of bank statements and their on-line pairing every 15 minutes

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Slovenská sporitelňa has sped up and improved its services to clients thanks to OneCore.

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