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Christmas and New Year period boost installment sale purchases

5 Jan 2022

Christmas and New Year period is the real harvest for shops and e-shops. With a lot of purchases, new sales methods come to the market as installment sale purchasing which many people take advantage of the opportunity of

Since that֦’s the one of the processes which we cover with our Express Apps, we decided to describe the topic closer to you.

What is installment sale management about?

The installment sale method allows to the buyer to make regular payments, or installments, on an annual basis, instead of paying whole amount in one time. You need to count with the interest if installment payments are to be made in subsequent taxation years. The method is also known as BNPL = Buy now, pay later.

It is useful for lowering taxes from capital gains, where the income can be delayed till the time it’s taxed at lower rates. The advantages of the installment sale purchase are better described here.

Do you offer „Buy now, pay later“ option to your end-customers as well? 

Our app Installment Sale Express can help you manage the workflow around. The app helps you to track your daily transaction, create the payment calendar for the end-customer and follow the penalties management. The app is suitable for all retail institutions and micro-lenders. Get more details on product page and let’s manage non-binding meeting

Don’t miss the chance to offer installment purchasing for next shopping harvest!  

Sources: Installment Sale Definition (investopedia.com)

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