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Deal effectively with the bulk tasks

9 Mar 2022

Do you know the situation when you plan your day, give the priorities to your tasks but suddenly you get stuck at the first activity? We know the feeling too. 

And usually, we get stuck during the operations which are repetitive, needed on more frequent base, doesn’t matter if simple or even complex ... but mainly they took more time than we would wish.

We try to focus on these basic problems while developing our products. 
That’s the main reason why Express Apps have included excellent mass operation feature so all the important changes can be done through more contracts thanks to 1 wizard. Our wizards cover mass posting, reminders & penalties management, changes of interest and payment conditions

“70% time saving on contract portfolio changes” Propell case study"

Which parameters you can set up the mass operations by?

  • Contract number
  • Customer number
  • Financing Type
  • Financing Product Code
  • Posting date
  • Date period

Thanks to clear wizards which guide you through the main processes, you save your time for real priorities. 

Our customers have proved that. Since they’ve used Express Apps, they register 70% time saving on contract portfolio changes and 60% acceleration on loan management operations in general. Read the Propell’s case study.

We are here to discuss about the possibilities.

Example of the wizard:

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