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Sey4Sign - eSignature tool Sey4Sign - eSignature tool

Sey4Sign - eSignature tool

Sey4Sign ensures the complex processing of digital signing process of documents. It is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The Sey4Sign electronic signing module provides comprehensive processing of the document signing process

At the beginning of the process, you define the signatories and enter the email addresses of these signatories for each party. Once you receive the document by email for signature, you can sign it by hand or with a qualified signature. When all responsible parties have signed the document, it will be saved back into the system. You will receive an email notification that the signing process has been successfully completed by all parties.

If you do not sign the document by the deadline, you will be sent an email notifying you of the impending expiration or full expiration of the process. You may restart the process.

Possibility to automate signing processes

Trusted document storage

Complex Process Digitization Tool in accordance with eIDAS

Core functions of eSignature

  • Possibility to automate signing processes

  • Trusted document storage

  • Signature by image/ via certificate

  • Language selection

  • Time stamps

Core functions of eSignature

Benefits of eSignature

Gives you a competitive advantage

The ability to quickly and easily validate digital documents and products will save your clients time and work and set you apart from the competition.

Works online and in person

Do you work from home or are you often on the move? An electronic signature allows you to validate and send documents from anywhere in the world without the need for physical delivery.

Safety and Security

An electronic signature cannot be forged or denied retrospectively. It also guarantees that no changes have been made to the document since it was signed and shows exactly who approved the document and when.

How the Workflow works

  1. Definition of signatories for each party

  2. Sending a PDF document and requesting a signature via email

  3. Signing the document (handwritten / qualified)

  4. Receipt of an email of successful signing by all parties

How does Electronic Signature work?

An electronic signature works just as easily as a physical one. Simply click on one or more signature locations on any supported device and sign the document with a swipe of your cursor or finger. The app then confirms the signature with an email notification.

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