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Financial Leasing Express App Financial Leasing Express App

Financial Leasing Express App

Hire purchase processes of cars, equipment and electronics under one roof

Software for simple financial leasing management

The solution comprehensively manages all leasing and hire purchase processes that you offer. The software covers leasing of cars, equipment and electronics which brings you high flexibility.

Combine financial leasing agenda with customer and contract management in a single application in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment. 

Manage all moveable capital goods from vehicles to manufacturing equipment

Quick object identification with legal identification and history of the object

Fully integrated with Business Central for invoicing, active deposits and the assets card

Core functions of financial leasing software

  • Contract and data management for whole hire purchase lifecycle

  • Smart leasing calculation creation by using wizards and predefined setting

  • Flexible work with the payment calendar incuding the possibility to set up irregular payments, change finance rate or contract duration

  • Simple setting of the down payment, the repurchase price of assets and financial depreciation management

  • Direct integration with the accounting system, asset card and sales documents

  • Predictions using historical data providing useful information to facilitate your decision-making process

Core functions of financial leasing software

Software for hire purchase management in 2 min video

Watch this video to learn about
Financial Leasing Express and
its user environment.

We do not want you to buy a pig in a poke

We do not want you to buy a pig in a poke

Test all funcionalities of Financial Leasing Express thanks to trial version.

Get your trial version

We do not want you to buy a pig in a poke. Leave us your email and we will provide you the basic information with access to the trial version for free.

Benefits of moveable capital goods leasing

Do you search for different solution? We are experts in delivering financing software and we have wide portfolio. Check out our next products and find out if we cover your company agenda.

Financial Leasing Express stands out for its fast implementation in few minutes

Financial Leasing Express covers complete hire purchase management of cars, equipment and electronics. The software easily adapts to all your needs or changing requirements. 

Let’s meet

Four quick steps to calculate a credit in the app

  1. Enter a customer and asset type into the database

  2. Start the calculation guide

  3. Check the details of interest rates

  4. Print out the offer or send it by e-mail


Financial Leasing Express

680 $/month

  • Financial lease operations
  • Fixed assets
  • Irregular installments
  • Overview
    of receivables


660 $/month

  • Secured and unsecured loans
  • Credits
  • Annuity and straight-line repayment
  • Aliquot calculation


250 $/month

  • Rental of movables
  • Link to the assets card
  • Overview of bookings
  • Invoicing of issue slips


530 $/month

  • Fund and financing management
  • Credit tranches
  • Funding accounts
  • Investor database

Installment Sale Express

530 $/month

  • Installment sale
  • Aliquot calculation
  • Overview of receivables
  • Using notifications and templates

How Financial Leasing Express saves your time


saving time due to bulk
changes in the portfolio of contracts


error rate reduction
in data processing


connection with the accounting
module and the asset module

Try Loans Express for free

Online introduction


  • Presentation of the application’s core functions and consultation regarding your expectations and needs

Consultation on the assessment of the solution’s suitability

  • Simulation of your business case
  • Detailed demonstration of Financial Leasing Express features
  • Project and implementation plan

30-day trial version


  • Testing the application’s core functions
  • Review and assessment of your expectations and needs

Contact us

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Account Manager

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Czech Republic


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Support continues even after implementation

We are ready for anything that comes our way and will be happy to help you adjust the app to your newly arising


Everything you need to know about the support for our solution.


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