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Flexible work with the payment calendar


The possibility to set up irregular and extraordinary payments, change finance rate or contract duration.

In Loans Express, the payment calendar is generated automatically based on the starting date. However, you always have the option to adapt to the customer requirements, so you have the possibility to set up irregular and extraordinary payments, amd change finance rate, or contract duration.

The flexibility of the payment calendar is guarded by automatic controls and all the changes you make are shown in Financing Contract Changes.

Why to choose Loans Express?

Standardized loan management process

Certified by Microsoft

Fully integrated with Office 365 and other systems

MULTI-language, currency, company, legal

International solution available in 105 countries

On-premis and cloud ready

“Loans Express allows us to process our loans and instalments in an efficient, flexible manner. The automated processing speeds up processing and allows for accurate reporting and integration with existing systems.”

We have won the trust of the largest
companies in the industry

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Do not buy a pig in a poke.
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