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How to manage Credit Tranches and Funding Accounts?

  • 13 Jul 2021
  • 3 minutes of reading

In Funding Express, you can automate investment deposit management and grant management quickly and clearly within a single application. 

The application can be invaluable to companies that want to cover a wide range of automated processes associated with managing credit tranches for funding from banks and funding accounts for investor management. The application is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, making its environment intuitive to all Business Central users. 

An Assistant Right around the Corner 

The application comes with yet another benefit: it is extremely quick to implement. You can start using the application in full within a handful of days. You can also take advantage of a 30-day trial version and get the feel of the application yourself. No need to buy a pig in a poke. 

What Can Automation of Processes with Funding Express Offer You? 

  • Full integration with Business Central including invoicing, active debts, obligations, and an investor database, 
  • easy and flexible setting of credit lines and rates, 
  • easy editing of important operations thanks to instructive guides 
  • keeping records of funding accounts and their interest, payments, and use, 
  • keeping records of credit tranches and their payment schedules, 
  • monitoring the finances of your investors and their profits, 
  • managing grants, creating interest calculations, setting rates, 
  • budget planning and reporting, 
  • interconnection with invoices for goods for a given installment sale, 
  • ability to set and monitor contract workflows. 

 Funding Express Is Also an Analytical Tool 

Aside from the benefits stemming from process automation and the resulting savings of time and man-hours, the application can also assemble integrated analyses to forecast growth in revenue and profitability. The tool can assist you in making strategic decisions inside the company and creating short-term or long-term plans. 

Funding Express Keeps User-Friendliness in Mind: 

  • always compatible with the latest version of Business Central, 
  • full integration with the accounting module, 
  • bulk operation feature for making wide-ranging changes to interest rates and accounting, 
  • compliance with international accounting standards and local legislation, 
  • ability to cover additional financial processes via interlinking with other Express Apps, 
  • the system can grow with your company, making it suitable for both start-ups and medium-sized enterprises, 
  • data security using Microsoft Azure. 

Our Team of Consultants Will Stand By You Even after the Implementation 

You can rely on our lasting support even once the solution is implemented. A team of consultants is ready to help you adapt the application to any new needs you might have. We understand that doing business is a turbulent process, which is why we built our applications so that they can flexibly adapt to changes on the user's end. 

We Go with the Times 

Today's world of business is interwoven with technologies in the form of automation and digitization. Keeping pace with innovation thus becomes a never-ending challenge. If you wish to learn more about OneCore Funding App and take the next step in modernizing your business, visit our website and try it out for free. 



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