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Implementation of the Solitea OneCore solution for financial services on the Maldives

11 Feb 2022

Company Sheesha Finances HONDA Motorcycles for Its Customers Using the Solitea OneCore Platform

Last year, we were approached by Microsoft partner PiNetwork, Maldives who was interested in implementing our Solitea OneCore solution for financial services in a company called Sheesha

Sheesha decided to implement the Solitea OneCore solution on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform and intends to use it for its business of selling Honda motorcycles and providing loans and financing for its customers.

Our colleagues provided training to the partner and the customer's key users directly on the Maldives. They set up the Solitea OneCore solution and its features including offer process, contract activation, contract changes, enforcement and penalisation, regular and unscheduled contract termination as well as interconnection with accounting.

The implementation was concluded successfully and the Solitea OneCore solution will go live by the end of February. We would be remiss not to highlight the excellent collaboration with PiNetwork and the smoothness of implementing the system in the customer's facilities.

"With this implementation, we are one step closer to fulfilling our dream of implementing Solitea OneCore all over the world."

David Pecivál
Business Unit Manager 


PiNetwork, Maldives has joined the ranks of our partners who implement our Solitea OneCore and Express Apps solutions. If you are interested in expanding your range of solutions and becoming our partner, do not hesitate to contact us.

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