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Improving solutions for our customers!

5 Nov 2019

Regular Cumulative Updates (CUs) in Solitea OneCore

We are pleased to introduce the new feature of Solitea OneCore for Microsoft Dynamics, which is available to all customers through regular cumulative updates. The main functions available in the released CUs are:

  • Insurance packages – new evidence of insurance packages
  • Recalculation of the lease contract (extension at the end of validity) – modification of the function of recalculation of the lease contract
  • Transfer of contact registration address to alternative addresses – the unification of contact information
  • Insurance – Adjustment of exception rate
  • Creation and adjustment of financial compensation
  • Operational leasing contract extension – fees and vignettes
  • What are Cumulative Updates (CUs) for OneCore?

In order to provide the best solutions, we are constantly improving all their aspects. As we develop and improve these solutions, we regularly release CU packages with new features and bug fixes.

Am I eligible for cumulative updates (CUs)?

CUs are available to all customers with an active Enhancement Plan (EP, formerly BREP) and a supported version of Microsoft Dynamics.


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