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Digitalize your lease processes

From the Quote to Contract Termination. Lease accounting, lease management and financial accounting – all in one place.

Lease Management Software

Solitea OneCore is business software specifically designed for financial service companies covering operating lease, financial lease, loans, funding, installment sale, insurance, real estate financing, and rental services.

The solution covers all lease phases, from the calculation, through the lease conclusion to its termination and settlement.  

  • Created for lease institutions, loan agents and financial lessors
  • Direct connection on the customer database, accounting module and bank account
  • Ability to work with various types of loans, interest, annuities and aliquot calculation

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Benefits of Solitea OneCore software

Automated calculation

Ability to work with annuities, aliquot calculations and various types of loans and interests


Easy changing of important operations thanks to instructive guides and tools for bulk changes


A simple tool for modelling various types of offers tailored to the customer’s needs 

Solitea OneCore is an all-in-one solution that accelerates your world of finance:


Operational and financial lease
Purchase assets for your customers and control the series of payments. Suitable for all moveable capital goods. 

  • object identification
  • legal identification
  • calculation information
  • lease terms
  • depreciation management
  • financing rates
  • services
  • fuel cards
  • repurchase pricing and residual value
  • transfer of ownership


Loan lifecycle management
Create any type of loan in just four steps and manage the entire lifecycle from calculation to archiving. Enjoy automation and remain in control with configurability.

  • various jurisdictions
  • distressed debt
  • on-billing
  • fixed-term debt
  • secured or unsecured
  • fixed or revolving


Deposit portolio management
Quickly set up a funding contract workflow and manage your financing to achieve your goals.

  • grant discovery
  • calculation of interest
  • payment calendars
  • loan frames and tranches
  • funding rates
  • drawdowns
  • proposal submission
  • administrative reporting
  • budget planning

Installment sale

Buy now, pay later
Control day-to-day installment sale transactions. Track deals from quoting stage to settlement or expiry. Suitable for various types of periodic installments.

  • automation of installment sale transactions
  • repossessions
  • electronic payments
  • structured collections

Rental Services

Rental management of moveable goods
Manage all your tasks related to the rental of cars, construction equipment, agricultural vehicles, machinery, electronic tools, and more with one application.


  • short term and long term rental
  • bookings and planning
  • reservation board
  • price-lists
  • handover certificates
  • checklist for returned goods
  • handling and service fees
  • fines


Automated administration of insurances
Create various insurance products and service packages and manage them—including the settlement. Suitable for insurance policies and insured events.

  • direct connection with finance contracts
  • insurance sets
  • insurance rates
  • integration with insurance company
  • insurance contract
  • insurance accidents

Even more great features. Check them out:

Digitalize your loan processes

Get started with Loan Management Software

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Highly recommended by our customers all over the world

UniCredit Leasing
Business Lease

60% acceleration of lease management operations

  • Management of the client’s entire lifecycle and financial contracts in one system

  • Integration with other Microsoft products (such as Office 365, MS Excel, MS Word, Power BI, Microsoft Flow and others)

  • Role-oriented user interface – all information in one place for user groups according to their focus

  • In full compliance with all local legislative requirements

  • Cloud data storage, export/import to Excel, Word, PDF and accessibility from a computer, tablet or phone

Cash flow in D365 Business Central on mobile


Watch this video to learn about Customers in lease companies in Solitea OneCore solution.