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Lease Management Software

Seyfor OneCore is business software specifically designed for financial service companies covering operating leases, financial leases, loans, funding, installment sale, insurance, real estate financing, and rental services.

The solution covers all lease phases, from the calculation, through the lease conclusion to its termination and settlement.

  • Created for lease institutions, loan agents, and financial lessors.
  • Direct connection to the customer database, accounting module, and bank account.
  • Ability to work with various types of loans, interest, annuities, and aliquot calculation.

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Benefits of Seyfor OneCore software

Automated calculation

Automated calculation

Ability to work with annuities, aliquot calculations and various types of loans and interests



Easy changing of important operations thanks to instructive guides and tools for bulk changes



A simple tool for modelling various types of offers tailored to the customer’s needs 

Highly recommended by our customers all over the world

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Business Lease


Watch this video to learn about Customers in lease companies in Seyfor OneCore solution.

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