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New App Installment Sale Express on Microsoft AppSource!

15 Jan 2021

The „Buy now, pay later“ solution is ready for your use.

At the beginning of this year, we certified a new app from Solitea Express Apps group: Installment Sale Express. The new app facilitates a business’ ability to offer its customers the option to purchase an item or service over time through a set number of regular payments.

The app is available on Microsoft AppSource so you can download the trial version to try the functions for free! In general, Installment Sale Express helps to control the day-to-day transactions as well as offer comprehensive management information. The system can be used by micro-lenders, financiers as well as retail institutions using installment sale type transactions e.g. furniture companies, computer companies, etc.

Thanks to our new app Installment Sale Express you can easily:

  • Provide the option to pay for an item or services in installments
  • Manage the cost into interest and fee-free monthly payments
  • Manage the amount and timeframe of the installments
  • Apply appropriate interest and fees if the installments are late or unpaid
  • Send notifications to customers
  • Fully interact with invoicing

Do you need more information about the solution? Read more here or contact our account manager.

Do you have problems with the installation? Use our Help Page.


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