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Reporting in OneCore leasing software

Get overview, control, and decision support for your leasing operations. 

Find out what's happening in your leasing business with our OneCore Reporting.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers export or direct connection of data to Microsoft Excel and other formats. Beyond this basic functionality, we offer OneCore Reporting, which is built on the Microsoft Power BI platform. 

Reports are an important tool for visualizing and analysing the portfolio, leasing contracts, customers, suppliers, or the activity of own traders. 

Thus, filling the gaps between data and decision-making.


Standard Power BI reporting options:

Dashboards are used to create a management overview - a single dashboard - a dashboard (linked to individual tabs from different reports in the background). 

Metrics in Power BI (Scorecard) allow customers to create their metrics and track them against key business objectives in a single window. Paginated Reports are designed to be printed or shared. They are called paginated because they are formatted to fit neatly on a page. They display all the data in a table, even if the table spans multiple pages.  

Stream -  any visual or dashboard created in Power BI can display and update data and visuals in real-time.

You can use hundreds of different data sources in Power BI (files and folders, databases, Microsoft Fabric, Online services, web sources, etc.).

Updates occur automatically at a set periodicity without user intervention.

Reporting can be viewed from anywhere on any PC, tablet, or mobile device. All while ensuring data security.

The most frequently used reports in OneCore leasing software:

Lease Status Reports

These reports provide an overview of the number, value, maturity, interest rate, and other parameters of lease contracts. They allow you to monitor the performance and profitability of lease contracts and identify problems and risks. 

Reports on the use of financed assets

These reports provide information on financed assets, their cost, amortized cost, and other parameters.

Accounts receivable and accounts payable

These reports provide information on the payment relationship between the leasing company and its clients and suppliers. They allow monitoring of payment discipline, record payments received and issued, invoices and reminders.

Sales reports

These reports provide information on the leasing company's marketing and sales activities. 

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Benefits of OneCore reporting for leasing companies:

They display data from different modules of the system, such as contracts, invoices, and accounting. They offer the ability to filter, sort, group, and aggregate data by various criteria such as dates, numbers, statuses, types, etc.

Graphical display of data that facilitates their comparison and interpretation.

They support the creation of custom reports using Power BI, which allows you to link data from different sources to create interactive visualizations and dashboards.

It allows you to automate and schedule the generation and sending of reports using Power Automate, which allows you to set rules and conditions for running reports and distributing them to different channels such as email, SharePoint, Teams, etc.

The advantage of this solution is the automatic updating of reports without the need for manual intervention and the ability to embed visuals into the applications you use every day.

You can link reports to your current reporting from other systems or data sources and have an overview of your entire business in one dashboard.

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Frequently asked questions about reporting

I am interested in the OneCore Report. How should I proceed?

Contact us via the form or directly at

Is reporting limited to OneCore connections only?

No. You can connect countless data sources to Power BI reporting.

How long does it take to implement?

OneCore Reporting can be part of the standard implementation of the OneCore solution, or the module can be added later. In both cases, we are talking about units of hours for standard data delivery, setup, and connection. However, reporting offers endless possibilities for customization according to individual client requirements. 

What licenses do I need?

Power BI Pro tool license (paid per user/month) and OneCore Reporting package license (paid module/month). 

How much does a Power BI license cost?

The base price is $10 Per user/month. May change as you configure other roles and privileges. Specific information in the price list.

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