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Slovenská sporiteľňa has broadened its services to clients thanks to the Loan Module

2 Jul 2021

Solitea and Slovenská sporiteľňa have been connected since 2018 when they began collaborating on replacing the MARK ERP system in Slovenská sporiteľňa with Solitea OneCore. The new system went live in April 2019 and we continue constantly improving and expanding its features.

The position of Slovenská sporiteľňa’s leasing on the Slovak market is unique. Slovenská sporiteľňa is the only bank in Slovakia to offer leasing as a banking product without the involvement of an independent leasing company. Since April 2021, the bank has expanded its services with the addition of Loan, a product we implemented into its existing Solitea OneCore system.

“We implemented the Loan module as an expansion of the existing features of the system for leasing products. The project took mere 3 months to implement and in this short time, we were able to provide the customer with the standard features of the module plus several modifications tailored specifically to the customer. The project also involved full settings support for key users, training, and assistance with UAT (user acceptance testing). We managed to implement everything on schedule to the customer’s full satisfaction,” explains the head of the OneCore department, Daniel Vaněk.

This system expansion will allow Slovenská sporiteľňa to continue its business activities and manage them on the popular and prominent Microsoft Dynamics NAV information system, further expanded through the addition of Solitea OneCore, a specialized solution for loans, leasing, credit, and other financial services.

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