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Solitea Calculation Engine is Now Available on Microsoft AppSource and on Azure Marketplace

14 May 2020

We are happy to bring you great news about the successful certification of Solitea Calculation Engine, our solution for the financial sector. Thanks to this certification, you can now find Solitea Calculation Engine on AppSource and Azure Marketplace.

Are you interested in trying out Solitea Calculation Engine and learning how it can make your work easier?

You now have the perfect opportunity. Just visit Azure Marketplace and ask us for a trial version of Solitea Calculation Engine so that you can see for yourself how much it can do for you.

Solitea Calculation Engine with its easy web-based integration and unrivaled performance can be your one calculation tool for all your solutions: your “single source of truth”.

Do not hesitate and try out Solitea Calculation Engine for yourself on AppSource or Azure Marketplace.

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