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The Company BMC-Sheesha Sells HONDA Motorcycles on the OneCore Platform Team meeting at BMC-Sheesha

The Company BMC-Sheesha Sells HONDA Motorcycles on the OneCore Platform

  • 23 Sep 2022

2 minutes of reading

Microsoft partner, PiNetwork, Maldives, implemented our Solitea OneCore solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform at BMC-Sheesha Pvt Ltd., Maldives.

The company uses OneCore for its business of selling Honda motorcycles and providing loans and financing for its customers.

Our colleagues directly provided training to the partner and the customer's key users in the Maldives. They set up the Solitea OneCore solution and its features including the offer process, contract migration and contract activation, contract changes, regular and unscheduled contract termination, and interconnection with accounting.

A successful go-live took place in February this year. We have to highlight the excellent cooperation with the PiNerwork partner and the smooth deployment of the system to the customer. Our cooperation continues.

Personally, I would like to thank the OneCore Team, especially David, Niki, Thomas, Krchak & Roman. It was a wonderful experience working with your team despite multiple challenges that we were able to sort out by working as a team. Niki your prompt response in attending to our queries/requests is excellent, thank you so much.

Ibrahim Nasheed
project manager PiNetwork

PiNetwork, Republic of Maldives has joined the ranks of our partners who implement our Seyfor OneCore and Express Apps solutions Republic of Maldives and Sri Lanka. If you are interested in expanding your range of solutions and becoming our partner, do not hesitate to contact us.

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