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TOP 5 features in the OneCore Loans App in the 2023

  • 22 Nov 2023
  • 2 minutes of reading

During the year 2023, we have developed some new functionalities. Hope it will make your work in the app easier. Below see the most important of them.

  1. Sey4Sign – e-signature

    We have created a new eSignature tool for electronic document signing. It is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and can be used separately or integrated with the OneCore Loans App.

    For more information visit the website eSignature | OneCore ( If you are interested in the app, download it on the Microsoft AppSource


  1. Notification of an upcoming installment + other published endpoints for working with Power Automate

    To make our system more automated, we have implemented a new workflow in Power Automate – the system will send the notification of an upcoming installment to the customer. Just define the time interval and the system will make the work for you!
    In case you want to create another type of workflow, all the necessary tables have already been published.


  1. Financial settlement in case of early termination of the contract

    Within the process of early termination of the contract is important to clear all not-paid customer liabilities. You can edit the contract's outstanding amounts according to your conditions and work with the settlement – if the customer agrees, just approve it and close the contract.


  1. Mass financing rate change from concrete date

    To make your work in the app easier, you can change the financing rate to concretely day across more contracts just in a few clicks! Through this functionality, you can plan the change for future payments.


  1. Leap year

    The year 2024 is approaching, so we have edited the formula – from now the system takes into account 366 days in the calculation. So don’t worry about leap year, our system is ready!

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