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Leasing and finance companies: the TOP 8 CHALLENGES and their solutions Leasing and finance companies: the TOP 8 CHALLENGES and their solutions

Leasing and finance companies: the TOP 8 CHALLENGES and their solutions

We will help you overcome these challenges and improve your productivity, competitiveness and economic success.

Which of the challenges resonate in your company?

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1) How do I simplify and speed up the work of my colleagues?

Communication and teamwork are crucial for the success of any business. If your team has to do repeated tasks manually, they cannot focus on more important tasks or on your customers.

1) How do I simplify and speed up the work of my colleagues?


  • Several team members have to do repeated tasks manually.
  • High error rate.
  • Important agendas are not taken care of in time or take an enormous amount of effort to process.


  • Bulk tasks will ensure important actions in your portfolio (e.g. installment accounting) are completed on time.
  • Automatic tasks will save you time or alert you to important information in the system.
  • Guides will help you reduce the error rate.
  • You can leave the most time-consuming activities (such as agreement termination) to automated systems.


  • You can start focusing on tasks you previously didn't have the time or capacity for. You can dedicate more of your time to customers.
  • Faster processing of routine agendas which you previously had to do manually.
  • Decreased error rate in executing individual operations.
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2) How can I quickly send documents electronically?

Manual sending of documents to customers slows down the entire business process, increases error rate and leads to payment delays and customer dissatisfaction.

2) How can I quickly send documents electronically?


  • You're unable to issue the necessary documents electronically.
  • The customer demands that they receive invoices electronically as soon as possible after the invoice is issued or the calculation is complete.
  • You cannot sign documents in electronic form which prolongs the entire business process.


  • You can send all documents from the OneCore leasing system in electronic form.
  • Bulk electronic invoicing in OneCore enables sending invoices to customers via e-mail.
  • Issuing and sending quick notes in accordance with set parameters is instant.
  • You can sign agreements electronically during the entire process directly in the system.


  • Your team can now work faster and without errors.
  • The entire process from sending offers to signing lease agreements speeds up.
  • The delay before sending invoices/calculations drops to almost zero.
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"The position of Slovenská sporiteľňa's leasing on the Slovak market is unique. Slovenská sporiteľňa is the only bank in Slovakia to offer leasing as a banking product without the involvement of an independent leasing company. The previous information system was outdated, without technical support, room for further development or the option to integrate it into banking systems. Now we have a new information system that is much easier and more intuitive to use. The system gave us a better overview of trades and processes, while meeting the requirements for reporting, which is very demanding in the banking sector."

Katarína Gašparovská
Head of Department
Products and solutions for corporate clients
Leasing Slovenská sporiteľňa


3) How do I speed up the processing of a lease agreement?

You need accurate and up-to-date information to manage your business. Particularly in situations where everything is constantly in flux.

3) How do I speed up the processing of a lease agreement?


  • Input information is entered into several corporate systems that manage different agendas of the lease agreement lifecycle.
  • Keeping a record of accurate data in multiple systems is laborious and exhausting.
  • Preparing agreements is time-consuming, since data must be verified across multiple systems.
  • There is no clear workflow or status of lease agreements.


  • The functions required for managing the entire lifecycle of a lease agreement can all be merged under a single modern application, OneCore, which you can run either on your own infrastructure or in the cloud.
  • All data automatically propagate into the accounting module.
  • Every agreement has its own status and detailed status, where you can see which part of the lifecycle it's currently in.
  • These statuses allow you to define your own workflow and lifecycle of lease agreements.
  • The system provides tools for rapidly processing data, calculations, and agreement modifications in the form of recalculations.
  • The system communicates with Office 365 or Dynamics 365 software, meaning all data can be easily exported to MS Excel.


  • You now enter all information into OneCore as your single, comprehensive, modern ERP system.
  • All data can now be updated in one place, which ensures data integrity (identical data in the accounting module and in the business modules).
  • You work with up-to-date information about agreements. This eliminates erroneous decisions.
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4) How do I quickly find out the real status of lease agreements?

Are you able to quickly serve a customer and is everything going according to plan? Do you know what state your offers and lease agreements are in at any given time? Are you receiving payments on time? These are key questions you can only answer if you have access to the real status of your portfolio. Finding all the necessary information is difficult without the support of a high-quality information system.

4) How do I quickly find out the real status of lease agreements?


  • Learning up-to-date information and status of lease agreements is laborious and takes up a lot of valuable time.
  • Without comprehensive information, you are unable to reliably say what state an offer or lease agreement is in. You don't know what their profitability is or whether the customer is complying with the terms of the agreement.
  • You can only address issues you've discovered when there is no longer a way to eliminate their negative impact. You cannot find the necessary data in your systems.


  • Every agreement has its real and up-to-date equivalent in the information system.
  • From the very beginning of the trading process, you can see the status of each offer and view calculations. The lease agreement has its own main and detailed status.
  • Interlinking within OneCore allows you to look through all the important indicators of agreement performance online, including links to accounting.
  • You gain access to automated checks and campaigns for agreements that are nearing their end. The information system highlights any potential problems so that you can identify them before they can cause actual issues.
  • Every team member has a specific user environment with all the necessary information set up for them.


  • You can identify the real status of your agreements quickly and easily directly in the OneCore information system.
  • You have instant access to transparent information about observance of deadlines and performance of lease agreements.
  • You are informed of potential issues ahead of time. You can thus eliminate them before they can negatively impact your work.
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5) How do I combine multiple calculations for a single subject of financing?

The basis of success of any company is a satisfied customer. When a customer demands different variants of calculations so they can choose the right one for them, you need to have a way to oblige them and to do so as quickly as possible.

5) How do I combine multiple calculations for a single subject of financing?


  •  The process of preparing multiple variants of calculations is very time-consuming.
  • Preparing multiple calculations/simulations takes up a lot of the trader's time and requires them to meticulously change many input parameters for the calculation.
  • Customers have to wait several days for their financing options.


  • OneCore allows you to instantly perform the required calculation combinations for your customers (calculation based on vehicle price, mileage, length of the financing period, etc.).
  • By introducing multi-calculations, you can speed up the bidding process in operative leasing.
  • You can create future offers using data and experience from past agreements, thus drastically reducing the risk of mistakes and errors.


  • The process from assignment to preparation to sending of your offer to the customer becomes significantly faster.
  • The customer receives all calculation variants they asked for online.
  • The offer document represents your company. Customers will appreciate if your offers have a professional format and content.
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"We used the Navision system for ten years and were completely satisfied with it. Over time, however, our version of the ERP system ceased to meet operating criteria and we were faced with the difficult task of meeting strict audit conditions. Prior to this, we had successfully completed several IT projects with Solitea and so it was more than natural for us to contact its experts. What at first glance appeared to be a system upgrade necessitated by circumstances, ended up delivering unexpected improvements in functionality. The system's new functional tools save our financial and human resources and come with the significant bonus of new level in user comfort."

Miroslav Kašelák
Head of Business Services CZ&SK
UniCredit Leasing CZ&SK


6) How do I recognise what I should focus on in my business?

Managing a business or even just a part of it is a complex activity that requires correctly evaluating an enormous amount of information. Without the support of information technologies, it's a highly time-consuming activity that may easily miss the mark.

6) How do I recognise what I should focus on in my business?


  • Information processing is taking too long and by the time you identify the causes of an issue, the resulting damage can no longer be undone.
  • The values of performance indicators you track don't allow you to access more detailed information to identify the specific causes of an issue.
  • Your employees work with different versions of reports and tables, making it hard to pinpoint which version is the correct one.


  • Personalised dashboards will quickly and clearly display indicators exactly as the user requires.
  • We can establish a clear link between the data accessible in your information system and information used at the reporting level to manage your business.
  • Microsoft Power BI tools will ensure a uniform view of the data and sharing of the correct version of outputs.


  • Users can see all important indicators they need for their work right on the main page of the ERP system. They're thus able to immediately identify potential problems.
  • Users can access detailed information directly from a given report by clicking the specific indicator they want to examine.
  • Your entire team shares the same up-to-date version of outputs, ensuring the entire company is headed towards the same goal.
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7) How do I eliminate the need to manually copy entry invoices and other documents?

Do you copy invoices and credit notes into the system manually and are thus prone to errors? Do you have trouble identifying the current state of the documents you receive? Finding all the necessary information is difficult without the support of a high-quality information system.

7) How do I eliminate the need to manually copy entry invoices and other documents?


  • It takes you too long to process the documents you receive.
  • You can't share the necessary information with people who need it for their work.
  • There are frequent errors in manual copying of received documents.
  • There is no clear approval workflow for received documents.


  • You can use your established module for importing, registering, approving and archiving complete purchase invoices and credit notes directly in the OneCore system.
  • The system is capable of reading data from scanned paper documents. The data is then directly imported into the application, where you can start an automated approval process.
  • The entire workflow runs automatically in the background.


  • You save time and effort with manually registering incoming documents since you now have an automated process that handles it for you.
  • You can import a large volume of complex documents, such as purchase invoices and credit notes, from multiple different senders.
  • You eliminate 90 % of manual inputting for your financing team. You can manage everything involved in obligations without having to exit the accounting system.
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8) How do I make the system friendlier and more transparent for users?

Users complain about lengthy work and difficulty orienting themselves in the system. This impacts the overall efficiency of their work.

8) How do I make the system friendlier and more transparent for users?


  • It's difficult to orient oneself in the system.
  • Work in the system makes users' everyday activities take longer.
  • Users can't see the necessary information in one place.


  • Dynamics 365 Business Central and the OneCore solution give users a simple user interface.
  • The user interface is tailored to the users' daily activities in the field of leasing.
  • OneCore's interface can be customised as each user requires.


  • Users can easily access relevant information and functions.
  • The layout of the user interface is customisable.
  • Users can work with the system efficiently.
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Does your company face any of these challenges? Learn how to overcome them and increase your productivity and economic success.


  • How do I simplify the work of my colleagues?
  • How can I send documents electronically?
  • How do I speed up the processing of a lease agreement?
  • How do I quickly find out the real status of lease agreements?
  • How do I combine multiple calculations for a single subject of financing?
  • How do I recognise what I should focus on in my business?
  • How do I eliminate the need to manually copy entry invoices and other documents?
  • How do I make the system friendlier and more transparent for users?
Download the brochure and read how to solve the biggest challenges

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