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UniCredit Leasing in the Czech Republic and Slovakia Uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Including the OneCore Solution for Leasing Companies

  • 23 Oct 2020
  • 3 minutes of reading

It does not happen every day and we are thus proud to tell you! In July of this year, we successfully completed an upgrade to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system and its release to the production environment of UniCredit Leasing branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, including the addition of the Solitea OneCore solution for leasing companies.

The recipe for this success is simple. Above all else, we are a reliable partner to our customers, proving our expertise in implementing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Central Business system whenever needed. Aside from this, we also bring our customers additional benefits and solutions such as Solitea OneCore, which in this case enabled migrating almost all of UniCredit Leasing’s agenda and processes to a single platform.

This success is the result of several months of intensive collaboration between Solitea’s experts and our major customer UniCredit Leasing. “The most complicated part of implementing this difficult project was setting up and adapting the system to the customer’s specific financial processes with emphasis on their optimization. An integral part was also addressing the system’s performance from the perspective of architecture, processes and data flow.”, adds project manager Vladimír Chmelař.

Thanks to this system upgrade, UniCredit Leasing will be able to continue running and managing its business activities on the widespread Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central information system in combination with the specialized Solitea OneCore solution and use it for its business in the field of finance and operating leasing, loans, credit, and other financial services.

Are you interested in how Solitea OneCore Suite could make your work easier and would you like to try it out? – DO NOT HESITATE AND CONTACT US.


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