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Upgrading the Information System at Leasing Slovenskej sporiteľne

  • 10 Apr 2024
  • 5 minutes of reading

Technical Edge and the Power of Teamwork.

To increase efficiency and flexibility towards clients, Leasing Slovenskej sporiteľne is switching to the innovative cloud-based solution Dynamics 365 Business Central and its superstructure for leasing companies called OneCore.

As part of this project, we implemented our client's transition from the established on-premises solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 to the progressive cloud world of Dynamics 365 Business Central and OneCore, marking a significant progression in their digital journey.

This transition represents more than just a technological change for Leasing Slovenská sporiteľna. It is a step towards digitalisation and centralisation of internal processes, which brings significant benefits not only within the company but especially to its clients. Thanks to the new system, Leasing Slovenská sporiteľna can manage its operations more efficiently and provide its services faster and more smoothly.

Leasing in the cloud: A new dimension of flexibility and efficiency

From more flexible access to data to better scalability and reduced IT infrastructure costs, moving to a cloud-based solution brings several benefits. For clients, it enables better system availability and updates, which is essential in the dynamic financial services environment. It also gives them easy access to advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and process automation.

By migrating to the cloud version of Dynamics 365 Business Central, our client not only gained a modern and flexible solution but also a platform that is ready to support their company's technological development and growth.

Project "Jumper of the Year": how the power of teamwork defined our success

The project, with the working title "Leaper of the Year", provided valuable insights into the importance of flexibility and technical prowess in a rapidly changing IT environment where progress is our constant companion.

As in gymnastics, where flexibility, speed and precision are key, these qualities formed the basis for success in our digital transformation project. The project had a clear objective and lasted one year. Its final phase, Go Live, was managed according to the set plan and timeline.

If we think about what is behind the success of our project, the key is undoubtedly the team.

The teams on both sides, who have a history of successful collaboration, have shown tremendous synergy and mutual support.

Although we faced some challenging situations and deadline pressures throughout the project, we quickly realised what an amazing result the combination of the right people with the commitment and ability to work together effectively can bring.

Each team member brought something unique to the project - from unmistakable analytical skills to creative ideas to a wealth of technical experience from past projects. And when we added mutual respect and a little humour, we accomplished some great things.

This project reminded us that success is not just about individual results, but about the journey to get there together. It brought us valuable new experiences, hours of collaboration and unforgettable memories.

The future is here and now!

By digitising processes and switching to the cloud-based Dynamics 365 Business Central solution and its OneCore superstructure, Leasing Slovenskej sporiteľne is opening a new chapter in innovation and service improvement. This progressive step aims to modernise internal activities and strengthen the company's position in the market.

The Seyfor OneCore team is ready for further challenges and determined to exceed expectations.

Our journey together continues and we look forward to whatever the future holds.

Thank you to SLSP for being part of our code!

Author: Mgr. Nikola Kružliaková, MBA, Project Manager

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