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We got all 6 designs of Microsoft Solutions partner

  • 16 Oct 2023
  • 4 minutes of reading

Seyfor's partnership with Microsoft has recently reached a new level. Previously, we used to enjoy Microsoft Gold Partner status, but now under the new partner program we hold six Solutions Partner designations, which puts us at the forefront of technology solutions.

Microsoft partnership

As part of its cloud-focused strategy, Microsoft has updated its partner program and changed the name of the partner program to the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program from October 2022. It has replaced Silver and Gold memberships with a new form called Solutions Partner Designations

As part of the new partner program, we have met all the requirements and certifications set by Microsoft and have successfully obtained the following designations:

  1. Solutions partner for business applications
  2. Solutions partner for data and AI (Azure)
  3. Solutions partner for digital and app innovation (Azure)
  4. Solutions partner for infrastructure (Azure)
  5. Solutions partner for security
  6. Solutions partner for modern work

Achieving all the designs that Microsoft offers is certainly not standard and puts us in an exceptional position as a Microsoft Cloud Partner. This underlines Seyfor's competence, quality of service and commitment to providing the best IT solutions. Our customers and partners are assured that they are working with a team whose quality matches the highest level of Microsoft partners and understands technology trends and innovations.

What do the six Solutions Partner designations mean?

Six Solutions partner designs are available for Microsoft partners in the new program, each corresponding to a specific solution area offered by Microsoft:

1. Solutions partner for business applications

Specialization of this area: Business Intelligence; Finance; Intelligent automation; Development of low code applications; sales; Services; Small and Midsize Business Management; Supply Chain

2. Solutions partner for Data and AI (Azure)

3. Solutions partner for digital and application innovation (Azure)

4. Solutions partner for Infrastructure (Azure)

Azure areas of specialization: AI and Machine Learning; Analytics; Building and Modernizing AI Applications; Data Warehouse Migration; DevOps with GitHub; Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure; Infrastructure and Database Migration; Kubernetes; VMware Solution; Virtual Desktop; Enterprise Application Migration; Networking Services; SAP

5. Solutions partner for security

This area specializes in Cloud Security; Identity and Access Management; Information Protection and Governance Policies; Threat Protection

6. Solutions partner for modern work

This area specializes in: Transition and Change Management; Calling for Microsoft Teams; Customer Solutions for Microsoft Teams; Meetings and Meeting Rooms for Microsoft Teams; Teamwork Deployment; Endpoint Modernization

If a company wants to receive the designation Solutions partner in individual areas, it must achieve a certain score in each of them, which quantifies its capabilities in three basic categories - performance, skills, and customer satisfaction.

We continue to remain true to our mission of providing first-class service and innovation to all clients and partners, and we appreciate their trust so far.

By achieving all 6 Solutions partner designations from Microsoft, we gain additional opportunities to provide even better services and solutions. 


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