Financial Leasing Express App

Solution tailored to mid-sized lessor companies

Financial Leasing Express Covers Complete „Lease Process in ONE“

Solitea Financial Leasing Express is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central app to manage all your financial lease processes. A financial leasing (somewhere known as Hire Purchase) is a type of leasing where the Lessor purchases an asset on behalf of its customer in return for a contractually agreed series of payments. The solution connects lease operations for small to mid-sized lessor companies, deals with all moveable goods and subjects to a fixed lease term.

All workflow process is handled in one system, from the offer through payment calendar till the end of the contract and transfer of ownership and customers’ data is handled following international accounting compliance standards.

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Financial leasing Express predicts payments using historical data and provides actionable insights that support you in decision-making process.

To cover more financial processes, Financial Leasing Express App is ready for potencional connection with other Express Apps – Loans Express, Installment Sale Express, Funding Express.


Full integration with Business Central in the case of invoicing, active depts and card of Objects

Ability to work with a variety of irregular installments

Mass operation feature - for mass changes in interest rates and mass accounting

Easy to use due to wizards for important operation

Option to set up and follow your contract workflow

Dealing with reminders and penalties

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    Solitea Financial Leasing Express - Covers complete Lease process in ONE


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    Presentation of Financial Leasing Express

    1 hour meeting

    Package contents

    • Solitea Express Apps introduction
    • Presentation of basic functions of Financial Leasing Express
    • Revision of your expectations and needs

    Assessment of Suitability

    4 hour analyse work

    Package contents

    • Review of YOUR business, pains and challenges
    • Simulation of your business case
    • Detail demonstration of Financial Leasing Express functions
    • Project and implementation plan

    Implementation of the Solution

    1 hour – 1 month

    Package contents

    • Installation and basic set up – 1 hour
    • Implementation of your customized requests – 1–4 week
    • System activation, Key users training, Upload master data

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    495 €per month
    • Secured and unsecured loans
    • Credit
    • Annuit and interest payment
    • Aliquot calculation


    395 €per month
    • Funding management
    • Loan tranche
    • Funding account
    • Vendor database


    395 €per month
    • Installment sale
    • Aliquot calculation
    • Incident list
    • Multiple document layouts

    Post-Implementation Support

    In the spirit of our motto, with Financial Leasing Express we bring you more than just a solution. You can rely on our support from pre-implementation planning to everything that comes once the solution goes live. You can learn all the details under the headings below.


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