Financial Leasing Express HELP



The first step is to sign up for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Financial Leasing Express HERE.


After adding the Financial Leasing  Express, a notification is displayed in the Business Manager role center where the assisted setup can be accessed directly.


Once your solution is up and running. You need to register your company to start using the app.

The fastest way to use Financial Leasing Express? Follow the steps below.

Trial version

You can use free version for 30 days to test the app.
To continue click on


Financial Leasing Express Setup

After the registration, please complete the Financial Leasing Express setup by clicking on Use Default settings” on the notification.

Financial Leasing Express profile

After finishing Financial Leasing Express setup, press “OK” and then sign out and log in to change default profile to Financial Leasing Express profile.

Register Financial Leasing Express for using full functionality

To use the full functionality of the application, start the registration by clicking “Click here to register” on the notifications.

Registration details

Enter the basic registration details of your company into the form and select  “Create” button for finishing registration.

There is no better way to understand how a software solution can benefit your needs than to experience it yourself.

Try Financial Leasing Express yourself and feel how your daily routine could be better and more productive if your tasks were done much faster and in a more productive way.

Download the Financial Leasing Express factsheet for free.

Download the Financial Leasing Express User Guide for free.

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