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Do you have any problem with installation or set up Solitea Express Apps? Please choose the product and you will find manual for installatin, registration and also user guide for the app. Do you miss something? Please contact us, we are here to solve your problem. As always, we welcome your feedback.

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Check out Q&A section which was created based on the most frequent questions from customer/partner side. If you do not find answer for your question, please feel free to contact us here.

Q&A section 

The financial add-on solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which is available on the Microsoft AppSource. Solitea Express Apps are unsophisticated applications, which are designed to help small and mid-sized companies to manage all-of their financial activities by easiest way.

Yes, on Microsoft Appsource you can download each of our apps by yourself and you can use trial 30 day version. In case you will need our support during this period, please feel free to contact our Account Manager Adam Hermann ( who is able to help you.

It is up to you. You can use 1 app independently or combine them. The apps are built on the same platform, it means they will fuse to one complex app if you need to use all of them.

Yes, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in latest version is necessary for using Solitea Express Apps.

Microsoft offers the possibility to try Business Central in trial for 30 days. You can use this option and also download trial of Express Apps. Do not be hesitated to contact us, we will help you to find a partner who can provide Business Central for you and manage this process.

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Currently, we support English, French, German, Dutch, Czech and Swedish.

Express Apps are available for Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Canada and United States.

Did you not find your language or country on the list? Fell free to contact us.

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Depending on the individual adjustments and the conditions: 5 – 30 days.

Each of our Solitea Express Apps have own price – determined by the complexity of solution. All the apps are paid monthly by solution (not users!). All the apps are available also for the trial version for 30 days.

Price list

Accounting is automatic thanks to the connection to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central finance and accounting modules. There is option to connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with any external accounting system by API as well.

Step 1: Contact us via one of our forms. Or send an e-mail to:
Step 2: We will contact you and help you to choose the right Solitea Express App for your needs.
Step 3: Download the Express App which you are interested in and try the free trial for 1 month.

Step 1: Contact us via one of our forms. Or send e-mail to:
Step 2: We will manage a call for the presentation of our Solitea Express Apps and discussion about our partnership values.
Step 3: Once we will sign the partnership agreement, we will provide you support, training and marketing materials and will be here for you and your customers any time.

Our goal is to create the strong partner network to share our Express Apps to the world. More information on sub-website Become a resseler.