Installment Sale Express

Solution tailored to retail institutions, micro-lender and financiers

Installment Sale Express manage „Buy now, pay later“ for you

Solitea Installment Sale Express offers your customers the option to purchase your item or services over time through a set number of regular payments. Our app is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and controls your day to day transactions. You can apply appropriate interest and fees if the installments are late or unpaid, send notifications to customers and manage the cost into interest and fee-free monthly payments.

Installment Sale Express facilitates to manage timeframe of the installments for retail institutions, micro-lenders, financiers who are using installment sale. Our application helps you to accelerate financial close, improve forecasting and get real-time performance metrics to anticipate in time on trends.

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Schema for Installment Sale Express App

Your data is handled following international accounting compliance standard. Microsoft technology offers you to contribute to customer-oriented and proactive entrepreneurship.

To cover more financial processes, Installment Sale Express App is ready for potential connection with other Express Apps – Loans Express, Funding Express, Financial Leasing Express.


Full integration with Business Central in the case of invoicing, interest and fees if the installments

Ability to work with financing multiple sales case, aliquot calculation, incident list

Direct connection to sales documents

Easy to use due to wizards for important operation

Usage of embedded analytics to predict revenue growth and profitability

Dealing with reminders and penalties


1. Customer onboarding

2. Start Installment sale calculation wizard

3. Check interest rate details

4. Print the offer or send via email

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    Solitea Installment Sale Express - Manage „Buy now, pay later“


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    Presentation of Installment Sale Express

    1 hour meeting

    Package contents

    • Solitea Express Apps introduction
    • Presentation of basic functions of Installment Sale Express
    • Revision of your expectations and needs

    Assessment of Suitability

    4 hour analyse work

    Package contents

    • Review of YOUR business, pains and challenges
    • Simulation of your business case
    • Detail demonstration of Installment Sale Express functions
    • Project and implementation plan

    Implementation of the Solution

    1 hour – 1 month

    Package contents

    • Installation and basic set up – 1 hour
    • Implementation of your customized requests – 1–4 weeks
    • System activation, Key users training, Upload master data

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    Price Packages to Suit Any Company


    495 €per month
    • Secured and unsecured loans
    • Credit
    • Annuit and interest payment
    • Aliquot calculation


    395 €per month
    • Funding management
    • Loan tranche
    • Funding account
    • Vendor database


    515 €per month
    • Financial Leasing operations
    • Fixed assets
    • Irregular installments
    • Incident list

    Post-Implementation Support

    In the spirit of our motto, with Installment Sale Express we bring you more than just a solution. You can rely on our support from pre-implementation planning to everything that comes once the solution goes live. You can learn all the details under the headings below.


    Everything you need to know about the support for our solution...

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