Regular Cumulative Updates (CU) of the OneCore solution

It is a pleasure to announce you the new OneCore for Microsoft Dynamics functionality, which is accessible for all our customers through regular cumulative updates. The main available features within the released CUs are:

  • Insurance packages – a new evidence of insurance packages
  • Recalculation of a leasing contract (extension at the end of period) – adjustment of leasing contract recalculation functionality
  • Transfer of a contact registration address into alternative addresses – unification of contact information
  • Insurance – adjustment of an exception rate
  • A financial settlement creation and adjustments
  • Operative lease contract extension – fees and highway tickets

What are Cumulative Updates (CU) for the OneCore solution?

In order to provide the best solution, we have been constantly developing all features. According to this development and improvement of the solution we regularly issue CU packs with new features and bug fixes.

Am I eligible for Cumulative Updates (CU)?

CUs are available for all customers with active Enhancement Plan (EP formerly BREP) and supported Microsoft Dynamics version.

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