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Car Rental Software A man sitting in a rental car

Car Rental Software

Unify your car rental agenda under a single modern cloud platform: Car Rental Express. A wide range of features, high performance, and maximum data security ensure that Car Rental Express can cover the entire life cycle of a rental, from order creation to payment and handover of the vehicle.

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What Is Car Rental Software?

Car Rental Software (CRS for short) covers agendas related to operating and renting cars and other motor vehicles. It includes vehicle fleet management tools, customer database, and payment and accounting systems.

The primary purpose of Car Rental Software is to provide a comprehensive solution for short- and long-term car rentals. The software automates a significant portion of everyday operations, making the rental service more efficient.

Basic Features of Car Rental Software

The market offers a number of solutions for car rental management. You should therefore focus on core features, so that you can compare individual solutions and prioritize those that best suit your needs.


Vehicle Fleet Management

Car Rental Software offers all the features necessary for running a car rental service, such as:

  • a clear list of vehicles,
  • a booking system,
  • tracking of rental status,
  • tools for generating contracts and handover protocols,
  • connections to road-worthiness checks.

All processes are then linked to reporting and to an accounting module.

Detailed Car Records

Effective rental service management necessitates that the complete vehicle history and all information is recorded and stored in one place. Records of rental vehicles should contain the following data in particular:

  • a list of vehicles and their utilization,
  • information about the vehicle's technical condition and maintenance,
  • dates of servicing and history of road-worthiness checks,
  • a history of defects and accidents.

Handover Certificate

For every rental, the software generates an electronic handover certificate, which is filled out before the rental and at its conclusion upon the return of the vehicle by the customer. The certificate contains basic information about the vehicle, any defects, fuel tank level, and the condition of the tires and lights. The certificate can be further expanded with additional information your rental service chooses to track, to serve as secondary documentation for the rental agreement. The certificate can be validated electronically on a tablet.

Booking System

This feature is crucial for car rental services, as it enables quick communication between the customer and the rental company. The booking interface usually includes a list and description of available vehicles, rental prices, and any special offers. An important function of the booking system is also the unification of all rentals into a single database.

Use of Cloud Platforms

The nature of car rentals requires that you have access to information about vehicles and customers from anywhere and at any time. The cloud guarantees that you can access all crucial data via the Internet anywhere in the world. The cloud system also frees car rental companies from having to develop and maintain their own IT structure. The solution is ideal for rental companies both large and small.

Tools for Invoicing, Payments and Accounting

Car Rental Software automatically sends electronic invoices to customers and partners. In addition, it is capable of generating receipts at the end of a rental and collecting data about outstanding payments or advances. For maximum user-friendliness, the solution should include its own payment terminal capable of handling various payment methods. These financial capabilities also naturally necessitate advanced data security.

Who Is Car Rental Software for?

Modern solutions for renting vehicles can be easily scaled to benefit both large and small businesses.

  1. Small car rental companies gain access to all the basic functions required for the smooth operation of a rental service. The use of the cloud also saves smaller providers expenses on IT infrastructure.
  2. Large companies can take full advantage of the wide range of supplementary features such as custom modifications and interlinking with ERP systems and leasing modules.

Key Features of Car Rental Express for Car Rental Companies

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Full integration allows Car Rental Express to process large amounts of data and operations in an instant.

Automated Generation of Documents

The system is able to automatically create crucial documents, such as handover certificates for checking returned vehicles.

Coverage for All Aspects of a Car Rental Service

Car Rental Express provides all the tools and applications necessary to cover the entire agenda associated with renting vehicles, keeping records, handling payments, and creating reports.


The solution's dashboard and calendar give a clear overview of all rentals while its simple and efficient design guarantees ease of use.

Wide Range of Agreement Types

Car Rental Express offers car rental companies coverage for both short- and long-term rental agreements.

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Benefits of Car Rental Express for Rental Companies

automation of routine processes for a faster workflow

ability to process bulk tasks

tools for electronic communication with customers

tools for automating the management of rentals and the data associated with rentals and agreements

options for short- and long-term rentals for various types of vehicles

ability to set and monitor the workflow of booking and issuing systems

detailed records of vehicles and machinery, including a record of road-worthiness checks and defects

numerous options for setting parameters for calculating rental prices and fees

full integration with accounting modules, client databases and property cards

variable handover certificate with connection to records of defects

How Car Rental software saves your time

99 %

error rate reduction
in data processing

70 %

faster agenda thanks to automated

100 %

connection with the accounting
module and the asset module

Frequently Asked Questions about Rental Management System

What Is Car Rental Software?

It is a software designed for managing, controlling, and monitoring all processes associated with car rentals. This single solution provides you with tools and features for vehicle fleet management, accounting, invoicing, customer relationship management, and tracking the condition of all vehicles.

What Are the Key Features of Car Rental Software?

The core of the solution is a transparent booking system, a database of available vehicles with an overview of their technical condition, utilization, and operating costs. Last but not least, the software provides a payment interface, as well as accounting tools for invoicing and reporting.

What Types of Rentals Does the Software Cover?

The system covers short- and long-term rentals that can be defined and priced based on various parameters. The software focuses on the management of motor vehicles and allows you to set rates for mileage, fuel consumption, date of the next road-worthiness check, and other information about vehicles.

What Types of Documents Can Car Rental Software Generate?

The basic documents are a quote, a car rental agreement, and a handover certificate for handing the vehicle over to the customer and for returning the vehicle. All documents can be edited to match the company's brand and conditions. The solution also allows for uploading custom document templates.

What Are the Benefits of Using Car Rental Software?

The benefits of vehicle rental software are in the simple communication with customers and the ability to make reservations and manage all stages of car rental in an online environment. Tools for monitoring vehicle utilisation and for processing transactions and planning service checks are also beneficial.

What Are the Software's Options for Rental Calculations?

The solution offers a wide range of options for you to set your own pricing for individual categories and sub-categories of vehicles, whether on a daily basis, monthly basis, or based on mileage.

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