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Installment Sales Software

Automate and streamline installment sales with the cloud-based Installment Express platform. The solution is tailored for retail companies and micro-lenders. You can use this user-friendly system for your calculations, extensive automation, and the entire installment lifecycle.

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What Is Installment Sales Software?

Instalment sales software (also referred to by the acronym BNPL – Buy Now, Pay Later) is designed to cover your instalment sales, or the financing of services or goods provided by a fixed number of regular instalments. In one solution, installment sales providers have tools to manage contracts, track installments and work with interest, loans, and aliquot calculations. There are also automatic notifications or analytical functions.

Basic Features of Installment Sales Software

Installment and Cash Management Tools

Installment and Cash Management Tools

Take advantage of tools to manage all installments, agreements, and payments, including clear payment history. There is real-time tracking of installment status and notification in case of late payment is also a useful feature.

Edit Installments

Edit Installments

If required, the installment sales solution offers customized adjustments to installment schedules, payment terms and other aspects of contracts. All changes are then automatically written into all linked documents and recorded for possible audit checks.

Integration of Other Systems

Integration of Other Systems

Installment sales software usually allows connection to external platforms such as accounting programs, ERP systems, CRM systems, etc. The system can thus become part of a comprehensive central solution capable of managing the rest of the company's agendas in addition to installment sales.



A suitable solution can fully automate many routine activities - for example, generating documents, sending notifications, making bulk changes on multiple contracts, etc. This means significant time savings for you and the ability to focus your efforts on more important tasks.

Reduce Errors

Reduce Errors

By automatically transcribing data and generating documents, you get rid of manual filing and human errors. You will avoid financial losses and damage to your reputation.

Key features of OneCore Installment Sale App

Full Lifecycle Coverage

OneCore Installment Sale App offers tools to manage contracts and the entire workflow associated with installment sales. The software is linked to accounting, banks, and customer databases.

Bulk Operations

To simplify the management of large portfolios, OneCore Installment Sale App allows bulk changes for a given group of contracts.

Automatic Notifications

OneCore Installment Sale App automatically sends you notifications in case of late payments or non-payment.

Installment Tracking

The solution allows users to keep track of installment payments by tracking regular transactions and a range of analytical reporting features, whether in MS Excel or Power BI.

Coverage of Different Types of Contracts and Activities

The high performance of OneCore Installment Sale App ensures fast processing and calculation of different types of installment contracts and loans, including aliquot calculations.

Connection to External Systems

OneCore Installment Sale App is ready to connect to other external systems that you use for internal processing or communication with end customers.

The Biggest Benefits of OneCore Installment Sale App

Automation of Routine Operations

Automation of Routine Operations

The application handles a wide range of manual tasks for you, including bulk contract changes and online reporting. This saves you a lot of time that you can spend on more important tasks.

High Level of Security

High Level of Security

By leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform, BNPL's OneCore Installment Sale App solution meets the highest standards for security and backup of sensitive data.

Hosted in the Cloud

Hosted in the Cloud

By leveraging cloud infrastructure, OneCore Installment Sale App is also a suitable solution for smaller providers without their own IT infrastructure. Users also don't have to worry about software maintenance and updates.



OneCore Installment Sale App offers a clear and modern user experience designed to make your job as easy as possible. Take advantage of virtual wizards and bulk operations for ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Installment Sale Software?

It is a platform specifically designed to manage, track, and administer installment sales agendas. For this purpose, the BPNL solution has a wide range of features for working with contracts, installment tracking, aliquot calculations and more.

Who Are the Users of the Installment Sales Software?

The installment sales software can be used by any company that provides this form of purchase financing. They can be retail companies directly or financial institutions that act as installment sale providers, i.e., they are intermediaries between the seller and the buyer.

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