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Loan Management

Usher your loan agenda into the digital age with OneCore Loans App – a modern software solution for managing loans and credit, automating routine agenda, and archiving important data.

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What Is a Loan Management Software (LMS)?

Loan Management Software is a digital platform designed for managing and automating the entire loan process, from the business process to loan arrangement, provision, termination, and settlement. The entire process involves a few time-consuming and organisationally demanding agendas and operations, during which your employees work with large volumes of data.  Using a suitable software solution, all these agendas can not only be done in electronic form but a significant portion of them can be automated.

How Can Loan Management System Help Your Company?

Saving Time and Money

Saving Time and Money

The use of cloud platforms can eliminate almost all manual work associated with routine agendas, which will allow your employees to focus on more important tasks.

Automation and Bulk Operations

Automation and Bulk Operations

Loan servicing softwares are capable of partially or fully automating several routine operations. For instance, they can do automated book-keeping, invoice generation, default contract parameters, bulk changes on contracts, etc.

Increasing Capacity

Increasing Capacity

Lending management systems help you process more loans than if everything was done manually. This allows your company to increase profits and free up time to build relationships with customers. Automating your regular procedures helps eliminate human error during manual data input. 

Who Are Loan Management Software Designed for?

Medium-sized lending companies

can use loan management software to keep pace with the increasing number of contracts that they can no longer manage using traditional methods (e.g. MS Excel or paper documentation). Loan management platforms are able to grow with the company and will not stand in the way of future expansion.

Banks and banking houses

managing the accounts of major clients (other banking houses, financial institutions, large corporations) can use a suitably chosen loan management solution to offer their clients maximum security and more efficient loan processing. Large businesses will also be best able to take advantage of the available reporting tools and contract profitability analyses.

Small businesses and start-ups

can use the features of loan management solutions to kick-start their business and save money by reducing the demand for administration and the required number of employees.

How Do You Choose Your Loan Management Platform?

The market offers a plethora of loan management solutions covering a wide range of fields and needs. When choosing a suitable solution, it is best to focus primarily on the basic properties that every high-quality loan management system should have. These are, for instance:



The best compromise in such a case is a cloud platform. Not every lending institution can afford its own on-site infrastructure. 



Like all other financial software, loan management software works with highly sensitive data, which naturally demands the highest possible level of data security.

Central database

Central database

Storing all customer data in one place significantly simplifies and accelerates your work.

Supporting various types of loans and credit

Supporting various types of loans and credit

The more types of loans your company can offer, from micro loans through consumer loans to commercial loans, the more customers will choose to make use of your services.

Automation and bulk operations

Automation and bulk operations

Leaving routine processes to the system frees up your employees' time to focus on other aspects and helps prevent human error.

Sufficient analytical tools

Sufficient analytical tools

The more numerous and advanced data analysis tools a given solution can offer, the more effectively your company can improve its services and respond to trends.

What Are the Key Features of OneCore Loans App?

Main Functions of OneCore Loans App

  1. Loan creation: searching out the customer's payment history, solvency, analyzing the loan application, and creating a tailor-made calculation according to the client's requirements

  2. Loan monitoring: monitoring of loan parameters (maturity date, change of interest rate and principal during the contract, early termination, etc.), calculation of fees, connection to the bank for receiving payments

  3. Payment of obligations: notifications regarding due date and violations of contractual dates, non-payment fees settings, payment history reports

  4. Reporting: cash flow tracking, individual and bulk reports about sales interactions, analysis of contract profitability, credit scoring, visualisation of the company's growth and its risk management


Comprehensive Management of Loan Life Cycle

OneCore Loans App is able to cover the entire agenda of loan management within one application including all loan documents. No need to juggle multiple programs or MS Excel tables.

Quick Calculations Using a Guide and Predefined Settings

Thanks to an intuitive guide, you can create calculations in just 4 steps. Alternatively, you can choose from predefined templates with automatic input of data (duration of the loan, interest, fees, etc.).

Various Calculation Models – Interest, Annuity, Aliquot Calculation, Daily Interest

The application offers multiple loan calculation models, which allows it to manage loans with an annuity or interest models, or loans involving daily interest accrual or aliquot calculation.

Simple Tool for Modelling an Instalment Schedule Tailored to the Customer's Needs

The application is able to easily simulate the customer's demands and create a tailor-made calculation. You can accommodate the client's needs on the go, even in an active loan.

Optimisation for Mobile Devices for Accessibility from Anywhere

OneCore Loans App does not restrict you to the confines of your office. You can work with your data anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection and a compatible mobile device.

Supports Legislation and International Accounting Standards

Regular updates ensure conformity with international standards. Our partners then take care of compliance with local legislative requirements.

What Benefits Does OneCore Loans App Bring?

merging of all data and tools for loan management into a single interface

easy everyday use thanks to clear guides and bulk operations

transparent reporting with online data

broad options for customer modifications in line with the needs and specifics of your business

certainty of compliance with current legislation, data security 

maximum user-friendliness thanks to modern design

How OneCore Loans App saves your time

70 %

of automated processes that you no longer have to handle


saving time due to mass operation features in the portfolio of contracts


of your needs covered thanks to our expertise in financial services

Frequently Asked Questions about Loan Management Systems

What Is a Loan Management System?

It is a software covering a wide spectrum of functions of granting loans. Users of the system can use a single solution to manage the entire loan life cycle, from arrangement to termination.

What Are the Main Benefits of Loan Management Solutions?

Loan Management software’s allow users to save a significant amount of time and work by merge ring all data into 1 system, automating routine processes, and eliminating manual inputting of data.

How Do I Choose a Loan Management System?

The choice of a suitable loan management system depends on the specific needs of each company. Providers of microloans and non-bank consumer loan providers have entirely different needs. Choose a flexible solution. The fastest way is to contact our consultant to help you identify critical features and suitable LMS solutions.

How Do I Recognise a High-Quality Platform?

Key properties are affordability, security, and the ability to cover various forms of loans. Aside from these, a good solution should offer tools for verifying the solvency of clients, a central database for storing data, and a range of analytical tools for improving your services in the future.

Is It Better to Choose an On-Site or a Cloud Solution?

Both options have their pros and cons. The final choice depends primarily on the specifics of the given company. Smaller institutions, for which having their own on-site network infrastructure would be too costly and impractical, will generally favour solutions in the form of a pre-paid cloud-based web application.

What Are the Basic Functions of Loan and Credit Management Software?

The main purpose of the software is to cover the basic areas of the credit and lending agenda. This includes in particular tools and functions for managing loan origination, related credit services, monitoring of repayments, and tools for clear reporting. In a matter of seconds, the system can perform tasks that would otherwise take hours of work.

Who is Loan Management Software Intended for?

Modern loan management platforms are fully scalable and are just as useful to brand new companies and start-ups as they are to major leasing corporations. For the former group of users, loan management platforms offer basic tools for all stages of the loan life cycle, while growing or larger companies will appreciate the wide spectrum of secondary features and the ability to integrate the software into existing solutions (e.g. accounting programs, CRM, or comprehensive ERP solutions).

How Much Time Is Required to Implement a Loan Management System?

The installation and setup itself can be completed in a matter of hours, while implementation of customised functions can take 5-30 days. The exact time required is dependent on the customer's specific needs, demand for non-standard features, and the solution, the company is currently using.

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