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Kako naš software pomaže s potraživanjima?

  • 1. 11. 2022.
  • manje od minute za čitanje

Managing and collecting receivables is one of the most important parts of any company's routine. If you are looking for a way to make this agenda more efficient and faster, our software is the ideal solution for you, as it helps you with receivables in several important areas.

Digitalisation and online accessibility

Forget paper forms and stuffed binders. Dynamics 365 Business Central and our OneCore solution offer you all your important data online and in electronic form. Accounts receivable data is automatically synchronized between finance and sales. So, your employees can access it from anywhere in the world. All you need is a suitable device and an internet connection.  

Automation of routine tasks

One of the biggest benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central and our OneCore solution is the ability to perform many routine activities completely automatically in the background, freeing up your employees' capacity. Accounts receivable is no exception, where the system helps you with automatic notifications of upcoming due dates that it automatically sends to your customers. If the client then fails to pay the receivable, the system generates and sends reminders without the need for human intervention. Depending on the settings, the system then automatically calculates and generates the penalty fee.  

Overview of the status of receivables

The combination of the previous two benefits not only saves you a lot of time and work, but also provides your employees with a perfect overview of the status of receivables, important deadlines, individual contracts, and other aspects of daily operations. This information can then be used as a basis for managing customers and their credit. For example, Dynamics 365 Business Central and our OneCore solution automatically show you customer balances, allowing you to make further decisions more quickly. 

All in one system

Many businesses manage their accounting and sales processes in separate and incompatible solutions. Because of this, data must be transferred manually between two or more systems, which is a huge time burden. In contrast, Dynamics 365 Business Central and our OneCore solution merge accounting and business agendas into one comprehensive solution where both areas use identical data. So, you always have accurate and up-to-date information about individual customers when managing accounts receivable.

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Specijalizirano rješenje za tvrtke koje pružaju financijske usluge. Potpuno je integriran sa sustavom Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, omogućujući svojim korisnicima da u potpunosti iskoriste prednosti platforme.


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