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Koje sve opcije izvještavanja nudi financijski software?

  • 21. 2. 2023.
  • manje od minute za čitanje

Do you know the health of your business, the profitability of your financial contracts, or the current state of your portfolio? If not, modern financial software solutions offer a wide range of reporting tools to help you stay on top of your company's performance and status.

Why is reporting important?

Reporting within any software is an important part of managing and analysing business finances. For executives and managers, it is an important source of information about the financial health of the company, the profitability of individual contracts, the progress of financing, and other processes associated with the routine activities of financial service providers. Modern financial software, such as the OneCore solution based on the Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, enables individual metrics to be monitored in a real-time manner. This makes it easy to keep track of, for example, the profitability of individual contracts. 

What does OneCore offer in terms of reporting?

The following reporting options are available within the Dynamics 365 Business Central platform and its OneCore superstructure:

  • static reports within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • online metrics and indicators to alert users to emergency situations,
  • financial and business reporting within the Power BI platform,
  • contingency tables using MS Excel.

In terms of specific areas of reporting, OneCore focuses mainly on the following areas:

  • Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, B/L, and P/L accounts to better understand the financial obligations and income of the business,
  • sales reports capturing new growth opportunities by analyzing sales of products and services,
  • current status of the funded portfolio for an overview of the status of customer contracts,
  • operational metrics to report on merchant performance, costs, or revenues,
  • an overview of the performance and margins of the entire portfolio or individual customers and their contracts

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