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Lagan izračun otplate za Hyundai sa Sustavom za Izračun Solitea OneCore

  • 14. 4. 2020.
  • 2 minutes of reading

For easy calculation of car installments, Hyundai has launched the website with our flexible calculator, which is based on the Solitea OneCore Calculation Engine.

Companies in the financial industry usually use many calculations engines within their organizations. Those calculation engines are separated or part of different solutions like ERP, CRM, etc. This very often causes issues with calculation integrity across the organization.

Solitea OneCore Calculation Engine with its easy web service-based integration and unbeatable performance can be one calculation engine for all your solutions. You can benefit from “one truth” results calculated by one central calculation engine.

Yes, even your system can be better…

Thanks to Solitea OneCore Calculation Engine, we will improve efficiency and revenue simply by decreasing your expenditures.


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OneCore Calculation Engine

 Rješenje za svaki financijski izračun. Ovo je idealno rješenje za tvrtke koje se fokusiraju na kredite, zajam, financiranje voznog parka, operativni ili financijski zajam, i mnoge druge financijske usluge.


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