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Naša aplikacija za Zajmove OneCore se globalno širi, trenutno u Južnu Afriku

  • 5. 6. 2021.
  • manje od minute za čitanje

We are excited to say that our solution is spreading around the world. Proof of this is the company Propell from South Africa, which has successfully operated our OneCore Loans solution for several months.

OneCore Loans App is an application based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which covers the entire loan management process – from customer on-boarding, through the calculation to payment calendar management and payment control.

How do applications evaluate the customer?

“The main benefit of OneCore Loans App is that it speeds up and clarifies the monthly processing of the loan. Easy connection of external reporting tools (Power BI) to Business Central makes internal reporting even easier,“ Quindan Barnard, Business Analyst, Propell.

The whole project was implemented online with the cooperation of partner companies Datasmith. During the implementation, we faced challenges, especially in terms of a correct understanding of the company’s business case and differences in accounting and legislation in South Africa. However, thanks to open and close communication between all parties, we set everything according to expectations and without any major problems. Thanks to the great cooperation and friendly relationship, Propell plans to further improve the product with us and expand further functionality.

Interested in OneCore Loans App?

Can you imagine its use in your country? Contact us and you can arrange a short meeting. Moreover, you can get more information about the solution here: Solitea Express App


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