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Uporaba Našeg Software-a Rukovanja Pozajmicama Raste u Australiji

  • 19. 5. 2022.
  • manje od minute za čitanje

We are excited to say that OneCore Loans App continues in spreading around the world. 

Our Australian partner Dynamic Aspect delivered our cloud loan management software OneCore Loans App to their client in the finance sector.  
Australian lending company Capital Bridging Finance has a wide range of investment opportunities and covers everything that came to your mind from Commercial Finance through Debt consolidation to Urgent funds.

To deliver on all this, CB Finance has made investments in the Microsoft offerings of Microsoft 365 including Outlook, SharePoint, and Teams. Then they asked their Microsoft partner to explore available solutions which would cover their loan and investment agenda. 

Dynamic Aspect had tried and chose Solitea OneCore Loans App to achieve a consistent, integrated business applications environment for productivity across the business and a low total cost of ownership.

“Working with Dynamic Aspect, and a proven but modern and sophisticated solution built on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central platform and Solitea OneCore Apps, we’re excited about leading in the market with a solution that will serve the complex requirements of our clients whilst keeping our own operations streamlined and leading edge”

Ahron Johnson – IT Manager, CB Finance

CB Finance appreciates an array of Loan Types and Interest types that are available and easily managed in OneCore Loans App. Moreover, a flexible payment calendar is completely customizable for the user, and is able to be filtered, hidden, or unhidden, and exported into Excel.

Interested in OneCore Loans App?
Can you imagine its use in your country? Explore the benefits of our loan management software or arrange a short meeting with us OneCore Loans App for loan management | OneCore (

Customer: Capital Bridging Finance (CB Finance) is a private, boutique Australian lending firm providing quick and secure bridging loans. They provide flexible commercial and residential bridging finance services for those who need urgent bridging loans, often in complex circumstances requiring highly customised solutions.

Partner: Dynamics Aspect is the leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner in Australia and New Zealand. They help to achieve their customer's business goals with the motto: “No matter where you are now, what matters is the dynamic aspect with which you are moving towards your goals!”


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