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Znate li kako online cirkulacija i odobravanje dokumenata može ubrzati vaš posao?

  • 17. 5. 2022.
  • 2 minutes of reading

UniCredit Leasing CZ/SK already does.

Thanks to Solitea, UniCredit Leasing in the Czech Republic and Slovakia digitised and automated its invoicing process. UniCredit Leasing can now data-mine and process standard purchase documents, as well as advance invoices in a much more efficient manner than before and, is newly capable of pairing data-mined documents with their posted purchase invoice/credit note.

We have successfully implemented Continia Document Capture and Web Approval Portal modules at UniCredit Leasing, which shorten hours-long processes down to a few minutes. It is already clear after just a few months of using the Continia module that the error rate when entering documents into the system has dropped by 80 %. The overall process of inputting and approving contractor invoices has fully transitioned from manual to automatic. 

“The biggest change took place in the approval process. Originally the manager had to go as far as to physically sign the invoices. After the implementation of the Web Approval Portal, invoices are approved online with just a few clicks. A major benefit is that the managing director or anyone from management can control document approval or approve documents from a mobile device even if they're on vacation and they don't need to be logged into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central,” adds OneCore team leader Daniel Vaněk

The documents are now available to employees/authorised users in the Business Central system where they can view them at any time.

Thanks to the collaboration of both the team of UniCredit Leasing and Solitea, the implementation went smoothly and the system went live on schedule.

Do you want to learn about Leasing Management software? You too can turn the changes brought about by digital technologies to your advantage. We work tirelessly on innovations that will keep you ready for anything that comes in the future.

Continia Document Capture is a comprehensive solution for importing, registering, approving, and archiving complete purchase invoices and credit notes directly into Business Central. Other types of documents can be approved in a similarly easy manner, all with minimum involvement of the user. You can thus save a lot of time and effort otherwise spent typing and manually registering incoming documents. Now is the ideal time to take advantage of the solution. Contact us and we will be happy to present the solution to you.


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