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OneCore Leasing Management Software

Unify your leasing agenda in a single, modern, cloud-based solution: OneCore. The solutions covers and automates all leasing processes and provides analytical tools to enable efficient decision-making.

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What Is LMS (Leasing Management System / Software)?

LMS is a platform designed for processing and archiving important data about leasing contracts and leased properties. You can use a single solution to work with:

  • finance leases,
  • operating leases,
  • property and vehicle leases,
  • hire purchase contracts,
  • loans,
  • consumer loans.

Leasing software is also used to collect relevant legislative information and allow for the automation of routine and time-consuming accounting processes. This allows for not only the unification of information about your entire portfolio in one system, but also significantly reduces administrative load.

How Can Leasing Management Software Help You?

Covering Different Types of Leases

Covering Different Types of Leases

You can use the same solution to manage finance leases for vehicles, machinery and property, operating leases (including services such as vehicle servicing), fuel cards, refueling and insurance, hire purchase agreements, etc.

Perfect Oversight over the State of Leasing Contracts

Perfect Oversight over the State of Leasing Contracts

You can set up your own approval workflow, monitor which stage each leasing contract is in and set business goals for each phase that you can then easily measure and monitor.

Notifications for Important Dates

Notifications for Important Dates

With LMS, you no longer need to write down important dates, deadlines and events regarding leasing contracts and loan agreements on paper. The software will automatically notify you of everything important.

Integration with ERP Systems

Integration with ERP Systems

Interconnecting ERP and leasing software will allow you to create a single comprehensive solution that covers both leasing processes and all other agendas of your business.



Suitable software is capable of automatically doing a number of routine operations for you (e.g., generating documents, tracking deadlines, doing accounting, performing bulk changes, etc.) and thus frees up your employees for more important tasks.

Reduced Error Rate

Reduced Error Rate

Leasing and hire purchase management software eliminates paper documents and manual inputting of data, which saves time and effort, and prevents potential human error during data input.

Who Is Leasing Management Software for?

  • Companies focusing in financing and financial leasing of vehicles, machinery and electronics.
  • Companies specializing on hire purchase management.
  • Large leasing companies with a broad portfolio of operating leasing with added services.

How to Choose Leasing Management Software?

The market offers a wide spectrum of leasing solutions from various developers. The platforms differ from each other primarily in the range of features and tools for automation they provide, but they all share certain core properties. These are what you should focus on when choosing a suitable solution.

Covering all the required types of financing

Covering all the required types of financing

A suitable leasing management solution should offer tools and features for working with various types of leases and financing.

Integration with accounting systems

Integration with accounting systems

The ability of the system to communicate with pre-existing accounting platforms and share data with them.

Compliance with legislation and standards

Compliance with legislation and standards

The software should provide regular legislative updates, respond flexibly to changes in regulations and thus guarantee to the user that they work in compliance with current legislation of the given country.

Automation of routine processes

Automation of routine processes

Lease operating software allows the automation of routine and time-consuming operations (e.g., invoicing, termination of contracts, accounting, etc.).

Data security

Data security

Finance providers work with a large quantity of sensitive data and the software they use should, therefore, offer the maximum level of security in line with relevant international standards and GDPR.

Notifications and warnings

Notifications and warnings

Leasing software tracks important events and deadlines (due dates, upcoming end dates of leasing contracts, changes/terminations, etc.) and automatically sends out notifications.

Accounting tools

Accounting tools

A suitable hire purchase system also includes accounting functions that track payments and invoicing and ensure compliance with FASB and IASB standards.

What Are the Key Properties of the OneCore Leasing Solution?

Unification of All Leasing Processes in One Application

OneCore provides the core tools for managing all stages of the life cycle of leasing contracts, covers a range of additional services for operating leases, and offers the ability to integrate leasing software into an existing software ecosystem (accounting software, CRM, ERP system, etc.).

Quick Creation of Leasing Calculations with a Guide

With an intuitive guide through calculations, you can create a new leasing contract with a few quick steps.

Management of Additional Leasing Services

OneCore also allows you to manage any follow-up services related to operating leases – insurance products, fuel cards, funding, servicing, insured events, bonuses, and more.

Online Integration with Accounting and Banking Systems

The system is fully integrated with accounting and connected online to the bank, which greatly facilitates pairing of payments and overall invoicing.

A Simple Tool for Modeling Installment Payment Schedules to the Customer's Specifications

The application is capable of simulating the client's demands with ease and create a custom calculations including irregular payments. You can also assist your clients with active leasing contracts and extend them or terminate them prematurely as needed.

Optimization for Mobile Devices for Access from Anywhere

OneCore does not confine you to your office. You can work with your data anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection and a compatible mobile device.

Support for Legislation and International Accounting Standards

Regular updates ensure compliance with international standards, while Microsoft or our partners track compliance with local legislation and requirements for financing.

Tools for Exporting and Integration of Data Reports in Microsoft Office 365

All data can be exported/imported in all standard formats. In addition, OneCore allows for interconnection with other Microsoft tools, such as Power BI, Dynamics 365 for Sales, etc.

What Benefits Does OneCore Leasing Software Bring?

all tools for managing finance and operating leases are unified in one system

easy everyday use thanks to clear guides and bulk operations

clear reporting with online data

security of data and compliance with current legislation

automatic operations that make the user's work easier

maximum user-friendliness through modern design

Frequently Asked Questions about Leasing Management Software

What Is Leasing Management Software?

Leasing management software enables digitization and also, to a large degree, automation of the leasing agenda. These platforms offer a broad spectrum of tools and features allowing not just efficient leasing management, but also coverage of all legislative processes and analysis of gathered data to improve additional services.

What Is the Difference between Operating and Finance Leases?

Operating and financing leases differ in how they handle ownership rights after the end of the lease. If the given object (vehicle, real estate etc.) remains in the ownership of the leasing company, the lease is an operating lease. If, on the other hand, the given object becomes the property of the client, the lease is a finance lease.

What Are the Main Benefits of Leasing Management Software?

By automating and unifying all-important agendas in one interface, leasing management software can accelerate and improve the efficiency of your work with clients.

How Do I Recognize High-Quality Leasing Management Software?

Though the choice is dependent primarily on the specifics of your business, in general, we recommend focusing on the basic properties of the given solution. These include, in particular compliance with current legislation, a sufficient range of features and tools to cover the leasing agenda, the ability to interconnect with your accounting system, and maximum possible data security.

Is It Better to Choose an On-Premise or a Cloud-Based Solution?

On-premise solutions place the software in your environment, on your infrastructure and servers. It is thus very demanding on operation and maintenance and represents a high initial investment. In a cloud-based solution, the leasing software takes the form of a web service run by Microsoft. The user thus does not need to have their own infrastructure and the associated costs are eliminated.

Who Is Leasing Management Software for?

Leasing software is usually fully scalable and capable of adapting to the size of your business. It can thus be used by both smaller providers of operating and finance leases as well as major corporations and leasing banks.

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