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Kako Solitea OneCore Lease Management Software Pomaže Financijskim Poduzećima?

  • 10. 6. 2022.
  • manje od minute za čitanje

A large number of separate applications, manual inputting of data, inefficient work with documents, and issues with security. Solitea OneCore leasing management software built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform can rid you of all these problems.

Issue 1: Too Many Applications

Financial companies handle many different agendas during their routine operation, from initial offers, and contract management, through receivables, to accounting, insurance and contract termination. To process these agendas, many companies purchase specialised applications or ERP systems from various providers.

Their employees then have to use multiple systems, which differ from each other in their UI elements and, usually, are unable to communicate with one another. As a result, large volumes of data have to be manually transferred from one application to the next and the company incurs high expenses to maintain all these systems.

How Can OneCore Lease Management Software Help You?

Solitea OneCore lease management software unifies all the features required for managing your financial agenda in a single, modern application. The software is also capable of communicating with Office 365 or Dynamics 365 applications. You can thus cover the entire lifecycle of a client using a single solution, which you can run as either on-premise software or as a Microsoft cloud application.

This brings you, among others, the following benefits:

  • automation and digitisation of all processes,
  • faster and clearer corporate processes and workflow,
  • significantly easier management of the solution (you only communicate with a single supplier),
  • significantly lower purchasing expenses,
  • lower maintenance requirements,
  • the cloud-based version of the solution also eliminates issues associated with IT infrastructure.

Issue 2: Large Volume of Repetitive Activities

The processing of a leasing agenda involves a large number of repetitive and monotonous activities. These include portfolio recalculation, invoicing, accounting and generation and sending of documents. Doing these tasks manually takes up a lot of your employees' time and presents a high risk of human error.

How Can OneCore Help You?

OneCore is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and can perform a large portion of the above tasks automatically in the background. For instance, the application can automatically enter the entire contract portfolio and collected client payments into accounts, monitor contract end dates and import/export bank account statements. Management of broad portfolios in particular becomes incomparably simpler and faster.

In addition, automation using OneCore brings you the following benefits:

  • lower load on employees,
  • reduced error rate during manual data input,
  • ability to execute bulk operations,
  • practical guides make using the application much easier.

Issue 3: Inefficient Decision-making and Unpredictable Client Behaviour

The circulation of money is constantly accelerating and client behaviour is less and less predictable. Being able to effectively predict client behaviour based on efficient analysis of historical data and past behaviour is thus crucial. However, doing so is inconceivable without proper reporting and suitable analytical tools. These limitations also stand in the way of efficient decision-making and put companies at a disadvantage against their competitors.

What Does OneCore Offer?

OneCore offers to track all performance metrics across the entire company in real time. This gives you perfect oversight over the condition of the business and the lifecycle of contracts. The solution includes built-in analytical tools which use historical data to automatically predict payments and thus enable effective forecasting. Reporting functions then provide high-quality and accurate data for short-term and long-term decision-making.

What Other Benefits Does OneCore Bring to Financial Companies?

  • High flexibility: the software can run either as an on-premise application or as a cloud-based solution. OneCore is thus suitable for both businesses with their own IT infrastructure and businesses considering a transition to the cloud.
  • High performance: OneCore is designed for maximum speed. The application is capable of immediately processing a large volume of transactions and performing complex calculating operations.
  • Maximum security and reliability: Thanks to the use of Microsoft Azure, OneCore lease management software meets the highest standards for data security, accessibility and data recovery.

Join Our Satisfied Clients

Solitea OneCore lease management software has already helped a number of prestigious institutions save hundreds of hours in carrying out routine processes. For instance, company UniCredit Leasing achieved the following time savings in its work:

  • 60 % faster loan processing,
  • 94 % faster calculations,
  • 4-10 hours faster accounting of payments.

OneCore is no less useful in Slovenská sporiteľňa, which has observed the following improvements:

  • 30 % faster onboarding of clients,
  • 50 % faster closing of contracts,
  • replacement of 6 different applications with a single solution.

OneCore lease management software is doing outstanding work in other financial institutions as well. If you wish to become one of them, contact our dealers using the form below. Our specialists will answer any of your questions and show you how Solitea OneCore can help your business.

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