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A Smart Solution for the Financial Sector

We have dedicated a great deal of time to analysing processes in the field of financial services and leasing to achieve a single goal – accelerate demanding daily transactions in the field.

We focused on creating a solution that can handle millions of transactions every day, that saves significant amounts of time and automates the processing of individual daily agendas in the field of financial services and leasing. This is the origin of our solution called Solitea OneCore.

Thanks to Solitea OneCore, processes that used to take days can be finished within minutes. And that is the key – to save you time so that you can spend it on things that truly matter.

Within a short time since the creation of Solitea OneCore, the solution has already received certification from Microsoft, which serves as a testament to its extraordinary capabilities.

Clear and Intuitive Front and Back Office

Every solution from the Solitea OneCore family offers a tried and tested yet innovative approach to all aspects of your financial service enterprising. From elegant and intuitive user interface with Solitea OneCore or Solitea Business Portal to unification of all calculations under one tool with Solitea Calculation Engine, which eliminates errors caused by using multiple different systems.

However, Solitea OneCore offers much more than just a solution. It gives you a head start thanks to innovation and a supplier who understands your enterprise.

Take a look at a detailed overview of the coverage of all OneCore solutions in one place.

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    We Are Where You Are

    We understand that international projects are very specific, which is why we cooperate with the best partners all over the globe. Together, we have successfully completed many international projects and are thus confident that we will be able to assist you wherever you are.

    Working with the Best, We Inspire the World

    We joined forces with our long-term customer UniCredit Leasing and created a solution that allowed performing the whole process literally within a few minutes. Don't believe us? Come take a look!
    See how we together managed to shorten the process of buying a new car from dozens of hours to minutes, and even from the comfort of home thanks to Solitea Business Portal.

    Learning what you need and bringing solutions that go even further than that is a joyful experience for us. And when the customer is our long-time partner who has a clear vision, those can be just the right conditions for the birth of solutions that end up inspiring the world.

    Who has put their trust in us

    It doesn't matter what are you doing or where are you, it's important that you can trust. Be your partner and help your business it's our mission and commitment.

    Solitea OneCore Certified by Microsoft

    Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) is the highest status that Microsoft offers for the products of its partners. Solitea OneCore received this certification within a very short time since coming onto the market. This certification represents a major step in increasing the quality of branch-specialised partner solutions.

    Solitea OneCore – Because Your Time Matters

    Solitea OneCore is powerful, customisable based on your needs, built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, and capable of saving you up to 60 % more time required for common activities associated with your business compared to older systems. And by doing so, it both saves you time and promotes the growth of your company.