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About Us

About Us

We are a partner that will provide you not only with a solution but also an understanding
of your unique journey.

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Our mission and vision

To understand your journey and be a reliable partner every step of the way. To be a partner who will always provide more than just a solution. To be the most successful provider of innovative cloud solutions for Microsoft Dynamics products and own ISV, provide our customers with professional yet friendly service and invest in our employees, products, platforms and processes.

Our mission and vision

Our people

Daniel Vaněk

OneCore team leader

Eva Pitrunová

Project manager

Jaroslav Hnátík

Solution specialist

Nikola Kružliaková


Roman Slovák

Product manager

Tomáš Nagy

Senior consultant

Zuzana Müllerová


Róbert Takáč

Senior Consultant

We have won the trust of the largest
companies in the industry

ČSOB Leasing
IMH Finans

Start your project

David Pecivál

Business Unit Manager

+420 577 113 111


Solitea, a.s.
Divize OneCore
Pod Vrškem 5360
760 01 Zlín
Česká republika


IN 01572377
VATIN CZ01572377

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